Saturday, April 28, 2018

Damien Will Always Find a Way to Get Sweet Revenge!

Fluffy, fuzzy, muppet-like vengeance will rain down upon all those who oppose me!

Sorry about that. Just got a little bit out of hand there in the header blurb! I'm as calm as can be!

For the first time in like two weeks, I actually had some time to work on a caption so I did. Figured it'd be a blog exclusive since once I saw the picture, I knew it was for me!

Just your basic caption, where what was in the photo gave me everything I needed to know about the story, and it was just a case of fleshing it out so to speak. The expression on her face was great; you don't often get that sort of look and I wanted to capitalize on it. The dress gave me the finish to the story as well. Not sure how close the color is as a match, but it was close enough for me!

Back on Sunday night I think with another post, though I will be checking in now and again as I offer another Dee AMA .. ask me anything. Leave the question in the comments and I'll reply as truthful as I can be in my answers. You can ask multiple questions too, not just one per commenter. Get cracking and let me be AMAzed!

I will watch Game of Thrones someday. It is on my list of TV series to watch. Wondering if I'll actually prefer this version, starring one of my favorites, GROVER!

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  1. Oh my.....takes "Tickle me Elmo" into a whole other dark world....I should dig out that I recall he used to tickle me pretty nicely sometimes!!!!