Wednesday, March 14, 2018

To Have Sex With the Widow Jenkins or Not? Either Way You Are About to Get Fucked!

There's a reason why the Widow Jenkins is a widow. It's best if you don't think about it too much!

Many teenage guys have had crushes on one of their friend's mothers. In one way, it might seem weird, especially if they look a lot alike, and hey! Your friend came out of that vagina! But on the other hand, she's probably way more experienced than you and might be looking for a side piece that doesn't need viagra to have a rock solid erection for an hour and come back again a half hour after the first time. Extreme lawn care is for guys whose dicks don't work that much anymore .. or at least that is what you hear if you know a few hairdressers and what their clientele say about their husbands!

You also have to factor in whether that actually IS your best friend's mother, or is it his dad, who swapped bodies with the mom before dumping her into that lab fire, and keeping all the files of his life's work safe in another place? Or did Mom figure out what was going on and save herself, but ended up going a bit over the edge after killing Dad? I'm not quite sure myself, though I'm leaning towards Dad being in that MILFy body!

Is it just me, or does this place look a bit different tonight?


  1. Oh, so much going on with that one, so many possible combinations. I love it. Dark and suggestive. A definite win-win situation.

    1. Pretty much why I made it a blog exclusive, as it had a dark tone and not everyone wants to receive a POV caption.

  2. I would definitely have the red wine. four hours I Wish!
    Is the white look because of snow in the system. Or is the Dark one going soft?