Thursday, March 29, 2018

No Matter How Irrational It Might Seem, Women Always Have a Plan!

How come on websites like these, it always seems the plan is to get guys into a pair of panties?!? Plus a bonus caption that kind of sucks!

Well, at least there is more to it than just the panties .. it's a bit of everything, don't you think?

Made this for Lacy, and I do enjoy making her captions, especially when I have some creativity momentum pushing forward. I wasn't planning on capping her, but I came across this picture, and I just knew there was something there, and why not include myself into the proceedings?

I love that it is ambiguous enough that even I'm not sure if Ron and Damien went in willingly, or were being controlled somehow. Could have been a little bit of everything, and depends on the mood I'm in when I reread it. No matter what, it seems like lots of fun!

I had saved this next caption as a bit of a filler for when I didn't have anything else to post, or I was going to be away for the weekend (like this weekend for instance) but this was just too lame for me to put it out on its' own. I think that the only things allowed to have AA in them are Alcoholics Anonymous, The American Automobile Association, the creator of Winnie the Pooh, aka A. A. Milne  OK, so it isn't THAT bad, but still not worthy of its' own post!

I will hopefully have a caption up for Friday or Saturday night. I do have an Easter Caption and it is quite weird and wacky!

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