Sunday, February 18, 2018

Spontaneous Gender and Culture Change .. Blame the Government!

Well, perhaps Mom and Dad are a bit more to blame than we thought!

Maybe a long talk will do the family some good!

Somehow the idea just popped into my head, maybe the Olympics even though I'm not watching, and I just had to find a picture to match the plotline. We often see spells or other devices that change a person into another gender, sexual orientation, height or weight, change of IQ, etc .. Well, certainly there is no money to be made if all of those tropes are permanent. Corporations and corrupt governments are going to want their pound of flesh, and if you can't pay up, then that pound of flesh is going to change back to the way it used to be! Seems like a subscription model would be the best course for business to take. Honestly, if there ends up being a cure for cancer someday, and I really hope so (Rachel from the Haven is going in for more surgery this week) do you think they'd market it as "1 pill and you are cured!" ?? No way in my estimation. They'll have a regime of stuff to surround the actual cure, and demand that you take refreshers every year for the rest of your life .. to make sure it stays in remission! Jonas Salk was an anomaly in his field, trust me on that.

Sorry to get off on that negative subject, but that was the impetus for the caption. People so wanted to have a boy in mainland China, with the one child per couple stance, that they'd do anything to adapt their offspring into something more palatable to the culture. Throw in a change of location far from another border, governments ineptitude in general, and leave lots of room for hijinks!

Just a bit of fun and culture change on a Sunday night. As Kallie Rae put it when she replied to this caption made for her, "I found the small bit of Spanish at the end funny." That is exactly why it was there, sweetie! Sometimes I do know what I'm doing!

And what I'm doing soon is the following: Monday night or Tuesday should be a caption made for Sissy Kaaren which was inspired by her, and many other blogger, posts in the recent past. More will be explained when it's posted. Then a caption for Lacy that might be magic or might by hypnosis .. depending on who is reading it. Also got that 80's cold war caption I mentioned before and something for chubby chasers too on the way. Got some good stuff lined up so keep dropping in, especially if you are interested in some sexy legs.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Would you like to see more captions in the TG realm that deal with you "reverting" back to something you didn't know you were? How would what you are currently, end up meshing with the underlying person you were? It's almost a fetish version of De-Evolution .. is that how those who like animal TF's enjoy that sort of change? Would someone that was a white guy retain those social cues of his race and gender stick around or would they be flattened by what hundreds of years of social graces affect him after the change to cover up giggles, bow unconsciously to those in authority and display other quirks? I would REALLY love to hear others opinions, even more so for those that love the Asian TG transformations.


  1. Oooh, what an interesting discussion question. I could see it working well as part of a multi-part caption, or even just a single caption with a "longer" time frame. Depending on the circumstances, it could be either willing or unwilling.

    In the willing scenario, I'm imagining an adolescent who comes into some unexpected windfall: an inheritance from old relatives, winning some sort of lottery (I know its illegal for minors, but w/e), or even a life insurance payout from dead parents. It's not a lump sum, but instead periodic payments, that they decide to use for the transformation subscription.

    In the unwilling scenario, I'm a fan of punishment or revenge, so I'm imagining something where the person, still an adolescent, is sentenced to some sort of karmic punishment involving transformation.

    In either case, they spend the formative years of their adolescence and a decent chunk of their young adulthood transformed as someone other than who they were originally. Unfortunately, the money to pay for the transformation service eventually runs out. In the willing scenario I see this as them assuming they had enough money to cover it forever, but reckless spending causes the cash flow to go dry. In the unwilling scenario, I'm imagining federal budget cuts, or a change in laws causes the transformation punishment to be cut off.

    However, the person spent so much of their formative years as "someone else" that they're unwilling to go back to who they were. So they keep the mannerisms, the name, the clothing, etc, that they felt so comfortable with. This probably involves some amount of crossdressing, but could also involve drag or even cross-play, if you wanted to take things in a slightly more nerdy direction.

  2. This is a discussion to go of in many directions. I think if all memories and personality is keep intact, then it would only be from that point on that one would have to to learn or adapt to the new biological or social desires limitation or expectations.
    And maybe the changed person would let his own perceptions and prejudices influence actions and become a stereotype of what he thinks say a gay man is.
    I m am not sure how much I would enjoy the theme but its is another route a caption could take. De evolved or even accelerated evolution. Or reverting to previous or again future reincarnations.