Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Double Shot Wednesday: Scaling the Haven Cliff's Summit Without a Sherpa!

and These Boots Were Made for .. You Know! Do I Have to Spell It Out? Two captions inside!

Nadine is offering a special deal to help out the Haven. If you use one of the pictures she provides, and follows her preferences, not only will she return 2 captions back for you, she'll donate 5 dollars to the upkeep of the Haven. Well, of course I want to do my best to keep the Haven upright and available to everyone who loves TG captions, role play, and a good sense of community that fosters friendships that go beyond the usual on-line commonalities.

So, I made her two captions, and her theme this month really seemed to focus on her love of boots. They can be sexy as hell, and once I found the first one, I knew she'd like it.

Pretty much had the plot handed to me, once I edited the photo a bit. I honestly have no idea how high up she is, but I am pretty sure it wasn't that far off the actual ground, while this cut made it look like she is much higher. Recently I had read a bit about the race to the poles, and how hard it was for Shackleton expedition on their trek to reach the South Pole. This time, it was to a certain summit that could never seem to be scaled by a man. I wonder why that was?!? Probably the name gave it away! Just straight up magic protecting its secrets, right? Or was it more of a Scooby Doo ending?

This second one happened mostly because I wanted her to donate 10 dollars so I took another look at her choice of photos. While not quite as striking background wise, this second one was still alluring, as I loved the greenish color of the boots and belt, and her lack of height against the background of the cars drew me out. The "walking a mile" cliche seemed a ripe and wizened old chestnut to traipse out again, like we haven't seen it a million times before .. but there is a reason we do so .. it fits so good and works as intended every single version you'll read. I put a slight twist on it, but it didn't really need it at all. Just love that last line. A poetic way to end the heroes journey into femininity .. forever enduring the attention of horny admirers.

In case you were wondering, These Boots Were Made is more popular than Scaling Haven Cliff Summit in both views 135-104 and comments 5-4. Which one did YOU like better? Why did you like it better than the other one? What would YOU have done with the supplied pictures?

Just started working with a buddy on a side project of his work, getting the social media and web presence part of it all up and running. So a few times I week, I am doing my real job, then heading to this side project job, then rounding it off with Tax Prep assistance part time like I have done in the past at this time of year. Busy time Dee! Hopefully this year I can save some of the extra dough that I'm earning! I'd like to get myself something special, even though I don't know what it is yet! What do you think that I should get to spoil myself for being diligent and assiduous? 

Remember, you still have time to enter the "This Caption Could be Yours!" offer. Get it in soon!

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