Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Sissy Cuckold Exercise Workout Routine! .. Plus a bonus caption .. Starring YOU?!?

Got to keep you all occupied somehow while I'm gone for a bit! Grab a leotard and come inside!

Made this in honor of my sissy constituents that drop by from time to time. This caption was inspired by the photo, which as I mentioned before, does not contain an eye-popping visual. However, I think it works in this caption though because I think people could place themselves in this spot very easily. A person in their late 30's most likely, in sensible heels and possibly a wig. The pose is blocking any outlandish cleavage that could throw out your suspension of disbelief. Subject is facing forward, so you can see some facial features, but vague enough. And if you are still too large for this scenario, just picture you in this 6 months later than the caption says .. MY you've lost LOTS of weight!

And speaking of pictures that didn't quite work out but are still decent enough, here is another caption that I made the other day. The main issue to me is that the quality of picture is not good. Its grainy and over-saturated and there wasn't much I could do about that. I loved the poster though and thought it would work great as the transformational element.

To keep people interested though .. I am offering to everyone who comments over the weekend to this post .. You can star in this caption if you wish. Just make some sort of comment, and list a male and female name for your character. The female name will go in the BLANK spot and if you supply a male name, I'll change "Your brother gave me head!" to "Your male name gave me head!" Don't supply a guy name and it'll stay the same.

Sometime on Sunday, I'll close the offer up and whip up the caption for everyone that took me up on the offer. I'll post all the final versions in this post so keep an eye on it starting Sunday night!


  1. Inspirational and fantastic!

  2. The second one was cute, but I really liked the first one. You're right, that pose is perfect for suggesting but hiding at the same time, and I loved the last line about getting results with the trainer. Well done!

    1. I knew the first one was better. Its why I posted the 2nd one as a bonus caption to hopefully keep people interested while I went away. I'll have to check the stats to see if it did anything, especially since I had created something for Saturday and ended up not signing in that day to post it!

  3. I liked the second one better! The older sister scenario goes pretty far with those of us who didn't have one!!!!! Sort of a...what might have been....thing!
    And over the years there were plenty of guys that my dates were attracted to that I would have gladly got down on my knees for!!!!
    Ah well....I'll just think about all those bulges....the ones I got and the ones I didn't.....
    God how I curse this cage sometimes!!!!

    1. Hmmm, I should have known you'd have liked that one better, since you've already become a fit and fully formed sissy!

      Sorry I make captions that strain the very durability of your chastity cage .. actually, I'm not because my genitals are not bound by plastic and steel, but flopping in the wind of freedom, like a bald eagle hovering over its prey .. 'Merica! or something. Sorry! My metaphors and such got away from me!