Monday, January 29, 2018

Country Club Memberships Breed Good Hospitality!

Yeah, wasn't sure what to call this caption so it made sense without giving away too much.

It sort of fits but it's truly the work inside that matters. Have I ever told you how hard it can be to sum up a caption into a tidy little title? I'm amazed when I find something that works and is clever!

I thought it was squirmy fun to write this caption. As for the outcome, Roger Daltrey would say, "I call that a bargain, the best I ever had! The best I ever had!" I am also very proud of the framing of the story, with hopefully a shocking twist at the end you didn't see coming.

The caption came about because of the picture. Very leggy model and quite good looking. Looking past that, you can see some age there, and pretty large feet. Is it actually a woman or a man in a dress? I haven't a clue. I am leaning towards lady, but I don't really know. That ambiguousness though is what drew me in and made me write the caption.

I wish I had another picture from the set, if there was one. I wanted to deal a bit more with the programming and the conversion, and how compulsions played into it. Plus it would have been fun to list more of the rules for behavior for those with 24/7/364 access. I hope it comes across that he has to "work" those 2 extra days a week, and in that capacity. I mean, there are different packages for the different sort of clientele that the club discretely entertains. Not everyone plays golf, you know!

To me, it seems like it is calling out for an Ann Michelle's World novella to flesh out everything I want to know about the club and its staff, members, and those who entertain part-time. Do the wives figure it out over time and what do they think, or are they forced to go along with it too? What would YOU like to know about this mysterious setting and those who inhabit it?

Well, the title of the song fits the title of the caption. I had to play (and sing!) this song back in the day when I was a 'member of a country' music band. I did NOT like the music at all but it paid the bills and got me laid, so it wasn't all bad I guess.


  1. So....which day is his one day off?
    Your cap enforces the old rule about some things being to good to be true....some bargains are not as good as you think!
    In this case it looks like a win-win from my perspective!!!! Free clothes and makeovers and club membership for life in exchange for sucking and fucking a few guys that I might have done anyway....woohoo where do I sign up for that!!!!

    1. Well, your dues are going towards it, but yeah, you'd have paid full price to join a club like this one!

  2. Okay, he looks smoking hot, and I love the story, but that last line . . . OMG! :)

    1. Glad I roped you into that one! I wrote the first line mostly to have a reference point, and then as I'm writing it, I was like, "Hmmm, I think the dad should have first hand experience as to WHY he was telling his son something that seemed to be very specific!" So I made sure I had room for a sentence or two to wrap it all up into a neat little bow. On top of that, imagine having what you consider to be a masculine strong dad named Frank, and you find out later that he's been dressing up as 'Fifi' since you were born!

  3. Oh this is such a lovely cap! I'd *love* to find out what sort of conditioning went on during the makeover to change someone around like that.