Sunday, January 14, 2018

Baby, It's Cold Outside .. and a Bit Frosty in Here Too!

Time to give that old chestnut of a song it's moment of redemption .. or not! You decide!

Made this for Lady Harmony who likes to include revenge on the change person's part, at least some form of vengeance will do. I saw this picture and worked out the plot from the way her pose felt to me, like she was cold and vulnerable, with legs crossed and a bit of a stare. I mean, the rest of the set were much more strip teasing, but why would I want to use THOSE photos? Everyone wants to read about a girl who was feeling cold and put on some comfy pajamas so she could have a peaceful and warm night sleep, not about some slutty girl who takes off warm clothing to seduce a guy who likely changed her into a girl in the first place! Well, maybe your results may differ!

I think it also plays well into those who would like to be a girl, but don't want to sleep with a guy when they get their own boobies and vagina. It's probably something you have to get used to, and not be pressured to do, not unlike real young women trying to figure out their own sexuality. I know a few true life MtF people who started on hormones and end up with schoolgirl type crushes on guys they were like, "how the hell am I getting excited about ... fill in the blank .. just looking at him?" For one friend, it was the guy who played Harry Potter, but is totally buff now. "I remember watching him when he was a boy running around with Hermione, and damn, I'd love to play with his Elder Wand!"

I have no idea what happens to Clint overnight .. I figure those reading it will fill in their own blanks. I'm hoping that there is at least some Ben Gay rubbed into the crotch of those sweatpants.

For those reading it and are a bit confused, words in italics are spoken dialog, unitalicized words are internal thoughts. That probably helps a lot more than I thought it would.

Part 2 of the Top Ten list for 2017 will probably be up on Thursday or Friday. Afterwards, I am going to try doing a "Throwback Thursday" caption each Thursday or Friday. Hopefully, they'll be a pleasant blast from the past if you've been here forever, or literally BRAND NEW to people that have been fans only fairly recently.


  1. I liked it Dee, the evil bastard ends up with blue balls or no balls at much more likely than the usual scenario....
    "You hate me..."
    "I turned you into a woman...."
    "Now I want you..."
    It's so unlikely....we;; I guess it's about as unlikely as him being turned into a I letting reality leak into my fantasy world!!!!
    I sometimes wonder what I would do if I woke up one morning and I was a real woman....with periods and cramps and god knows what else....and I's really not for me....I like being in the middle!!!

    1. Well, that is a bit of the suspension of disbelief that we have in fiction, but especially in TG captions and such. That's why I try to bring in some normality into anything that otherwise would be fantastical. If you can hang your hat on something familiar, then it can still feel relate-able.

  2. Okay, those are super cute jammies, but I love that last line. Ouch!

    1. the PJ's were the initial big lure for me as well. It helped bring out the story I found within the picture.

      And the last line was just fun because she went from happy to bitch in like 2 seconds flat, so she's got THAT part of being a woman down easy!