Monday, December 18, 2017

The Most 2017est Christmas Body Swap Ever Put Into Caption Format!

This probably sums up how 2017 was better than anything else I could think of. Come inside!

Before reading the caption, follow these directions! Read down the left column, then down the right column, and then the ending should be under her legs. That will be the correct flow for the text.

Yeah. 2017 has been a clusterfuck of a year, with no rhyme or reason to it, and not even an internal logic you could follow. Just watching the news, or following anything on Facebook ... you literally could make up something with 'Cards Against Humanity' and the actual headlines would be worse.

I wrote this on the fly, so I am pretty sure it will take you on a weird adventure ride, as I wasn't sure how it was going to actually end .. just like 2017. It starts out with hope, then trepidation at what is going to happen as we realize just what we got into, then we remember the past and how we are doomed to repeat it as if it were a trap .. then the hope that we can erase the bad times and start over again with a clean slate, or at least a less messy one. Definitely, 2017.

So, let me know if you were able to follow this all the way through and what you thought of it. Definitely not your standard Christmas Caption once again. In the new year, would you want more nihilistic captions like this, more happy-go-lucky and silly captions, or maintain a balance like I have in the past? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. 2017 was certainly interesting!!!!
    I like your sinister/evil/revenge caps, they appeal to my dark subby side and I also like your quirky funny caps, they appeal to my somewhat twisted sense of humor so I'd vote to keep right on dosing what you've been doing and we should all get through 2018 relatively OK!!!

    1. I will try to do my best in keeping up with doing what I've been doing all along!

      Thanks for the validation!

  2. Two Nihilists didn't walk into a bar, they knew the punch line wouldn't be very funny.
    I vote for a mix of captions. We like our deeds dark, thoughts provoked and sides tickled.
    So no pressure.