Thursday, December 14, 2017

the 5th Stage of Grief! .. and Less Than Two Weeks Until Christmas?!?

Psychology hasn't been this sexy since Freud started smoking cigars! C'mon inside for more!

Well, for years I had been thinking about making a caption series detailing the 5 stages of grief, but never had the attention span to work it through. I was able, however, to hit the hammer on the nail for the last stage, and I hope Wendy enjoys working her way through it as best she can!

It's a bit different of a caption for me in that it is very descriptive in its words, especially in how she feels and reacts to the different sensations she's experiencing. I don't often convey that enough and it was something I worked on here to try to get the reader inside her body, so to speak. Technically it is the "after" part of most captions. You've been changed, "now what?" Many times, THAT is what I'm really interested in finding out. What's next for her and how does she deal with it? This time, we get a arousing and happy ending.

On a Christmas note, where did the time go? Only 10 days or so (when this is posted) left before Christmas Day! It's been an odd December in that I made my 1st Christmas caption before Halloween(!) and then didn't do another until a few days ago. Even with people posting daily in the "25 Captions of Christmas" folder at the Haven. I just wasn't feeling the spirit until last weekend.

Now I've got 6 captions that more or less deal with Christmas and the holidays. Some are happy, some are emotional, some are naughty-ish and others are nice. No silly ones yet, though I do reserve the right to do so. At this point, I'm trying to figure out when to start posting them.

Do you think I should post at my regular schedule and start posting them in the next day or two? Create an week long event where I post one caption each day, Monday through Sunday? I don't usually do that, but if there is an audience for it, I can certainly set it up to post that way. I'm pretty sure that people won't want to see Christmas captions after Boxing Day (aka December 26) so I am going to have to space them out correctly somehow. I mean, technically I COULD make a few more before all is said and done.

Please give me your thoughts on what I was pondering about re: Christmas Captions. Would you come around daily to see them or just visit once or twice every other day? Your thoughts on the current caption are welcome as well. Lastly, there's a few spaces available in said Christmas Captions that might end up starring YOU! Want to be age regressed in a POV caption? How about a very manly strong dude who ends up very much NOT manly and controlled by a Domme named Dee? A reluctant family man caught up in a feminine trap? (This one I have Joanna in mind for, but I want to make sure she doesn't mind starring in a caption, so it is semi-open for now.) Let me know if you are interested, and if I think you fit the role and will like the caption, you are in! You'd just need to supply a male/female name for yourself. Hell, if I don't choose you, I will probably store your name in my memory banks until I find something you'd be good in!

On a sad note, singer Warrel Dane of Sanctuary / Nevermore died yesterday at age 56. An interesting, yet troubled guy, he was a huge part of two bands, and his singing style was completely different in each one .. something that is terribly hard to do. Warrel also died on the 16th anniversary of Chuck Schuldiner's (of Death) death. They were close friends. Very influential people in the world of heavy progressive music.

Stay alive my friends. Better days are ahead!

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  1. Maybe you well have to do a prequel or four. I don't know what it is about christmas. We know its coming then we can see it getting closer but we still seem to step out in front and get hit by the truck. Times is getting on i think you well have to post the captions everyday.