Thursday, December 7, 2017

Rhonda, the (Victoria's) Secret Service Agent!

Great Reagan's Ghost! It's such a cliche now, but doesn't everyone still want an old president's ghost to change them into a female? C'mon inside and see how that worked out for Ron!

I was listening to the news when I was looking through photos to use for TG captions, and it was bound to influence whatever it was I was doing. RMP is known for liking captions where the model is wearing at least some piece of men's clothing, so naturally I used it for him.

I didn't want to leave out how they changed him, but I thought it needed a cursory explanation, but I wasn't feeling creative enough to work through one that was feasible, so I just went the meta route. By the end of the caption, I was actually thinking that Reagan's Ghost was doing the changing, like perhaps appearing like Snoke in Star Wars Episode VII. To keep him away from your property, you put out pictures of Jodie Foster.

And there is more truth to this than you'd think. It had come up that the other day, Trump mentioned that someone they had hired didn't have the experience needed, but was certainly "easy on the eyes" so that made its way into the caption too. They are not going to let Large Marge stand anywhere near any of the pretty ones.

So there you have it. What could be the last political type caption of 2017 from Dee. We shall see, but it could be as I'm expecting the spirit of the holidays to swell up inside of me .., unless President Grinch gets the tax cuts through, wins the gay cakes court decision, and sees Judge Pedo-Bear join the Senate. Then all bets are off as I conjure up the ghost of Thomas Jefferson and Millard Fillmore!

Four day weekend for me, so time to relax! Back with another post in a day or two! Free Gronk!

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  1. AH yes trickle down economics. I love their confidence in humankind. And as the markets seem to follow a ten year cycle of boom and bust 2018 could be another kick in the balls.
    Especially AS they forgot the boom since the lust bust in 2008.
    Great caption. Why do they always pick on the guys near retirement?