Saturday, November 11, 2017

Nothing That Creamy Legume Paste Can't Fix!

A Public Service Announcement for those recently turned into women .. from Wriggley's Gum!

As per the last post, I've been finding stock photos that are relatively harmless and putting them through the TG captioning process. I decided that I wanted to do one tonight, and limited myself to 15 minutes in finding a picture and 15 minutes in creating the caption.

This time I used the actual thread of the article that contained the photo inside of it. It's a Mental Floss story about the many uses of Peanut Butter, which you can find HERE. Don't say I never try to teach you anything!

Anywho, the thought was, what if one of the many uses was changing women back into men? Of COURSE that isn't real, so why not play with that? Just by swapping the order on which he talks about needing a solution, we can have the word play needed to make my *dad joke* setup possible.

And as an additional fact, I wanted to make sure everyone knew that peanuts are not actually nuts, but are a legume, like beans and lentils. Therefore I get an additional bit of word play in there, and kill what had become dead space. Totally shameless, and my dad would be proud, I'm sure!

And I ran out of time when adding the title, so I was off by 2 minutes total. Oh well! Nice little filler TG caption for a Saturday night when I'm hunkered down because it finally decided to be seasonal, temperature wise this weekend. Hope everyone else out there is as warm, or as cool, as one wants to be at this time of the year, in the location of your choosing!


  1. Glad to see that peanut butter has turned into one of those products with 1001+ uses like duct tape, dental floss and Katy Perry.
    I like smooth peanut butter but not crunchy. Is that odd?
    Was it the chewing gum that caused the change? "Wriggleys gives your walk the wriggle."

    1. Never thought of it that way! I was just writing up the post-header blurb and figured I needed a "company" to sponsor the PSA and I thought of Wrigley's gum, and how she'd be wriggly in a tight skirt!

      Great job Ian! You are even more paranoid than I am .. or are you?