Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Corporate (and corporeal) Shift of Power ... Everyone's a Winner!

It's not often that everyone gets what they want in a TG caption .. or do they? Come inside!

Made this for Anny on the Haven. The interesting thing to me is that the map in the background really made me want to use the photo .. well the legs are incredible too. but it was the map that gave me an idea of someone taking over another's body to gain control .. of the world? Nah, not yet. You have to start off at a low level, maybe at a corporate level and build yourself up from there.

I think most people will be able to follow it. Basic plot is this: two ground floor type guys in a company, one actually succeeds in swapping bodies with one of the big-wigs. Toward the end, the former woman helps the new boss in her old body take out the one person that could stop them. MY guess is that they are going to make him have transgender issues, where he is going to want to become a woman .. which I'm sure they'll help him achieve .. if he remains silent. Or they can keep him silent anyway, but he'll be begging them to make him completely a woman.

I like to think I've made this caption swerve enough to make it feel like something you don't see everyday. I've done some cliched captions lately and feel glad that I can still whip up something a bit unconventional but still accessible, which I also haven't done as much as I should lately.

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  1. All she well need is a reality tv show and then a run for President. But d t is going for a second term! well you can never have ebouth P As.