Wednesday, October 25, 2017

More Than Just a Cup of Joe! A Mug Full of Kevin?

The best part of waking up .. in someone else's body! They're both good to the last drop!

I don't drink coffee, but would definitely wake up each morning refreshed if that was how I was able to greet the beginning of each day. Maybe I need a live in she-male sissy maid to take care of this? Then I could head off to work and she'd tongue my GF into a froth so she could head off to her job with a smile on her face! Then we could come home to a clean house and .. ahh to live the dream!

You can probably chalk this up to both getting turned on by a new experience, and don't we all think random thoughts when we're horny? I do! Maybe the two of them will head to Ikea afterwards for some better dish ware! Its the subtlety of the change in size from being Kevin to being Katie that makes caption sizzle for me .. via the coffee cup and of course the largish cock that her feet are playing with. So yes, the coffee cup was the whole reason I made this caption with this picture.

Hope everyone out there is doing well. Things might finally be slowing down for me. Got 2+ weeks of vacation time to use before the end of the year so I have quite a few 4 day weekends planned. They can be relaxing, but also tend to make the actually work week busier as I get 4 days to complete 5 days of work. It'll all be worth it!

This weekend is the first of those 96 hour "paroles" and we are going away for a few days, finding a few hotels with incredible off-season (is it off-season already?) rates. We have a couple places we want to visit, but its mostly a "get the fuck out of town" jaunt that we both need big time!

I should have a caption or two lined up to post over the weekend. I will definitely be around through Friday afternoon so feel free to comment here on anything and I'll promise to respond!


  1. If you swap bodies then play footsie with your that masturbation?
    I always liked the body swap concept except I never understood why anyone waking up in a body of the opposite sex didn't immediately get the clothes off and start figuring out how everything worked!!!
    Enjoy your long weekends,,,,a week from Saturday we're taking the Sissy Kaaren and wife show on the road again for about 10 days....she has to go to a convention/trade show for work and I'm allowed to tag along this time!!!
    I'll have to behave in the resort, can't have her looking bad in front of her peers, but I'm sure I'll have fun in one way or another!!!

    ps I replied to your e-mail

    1. I guess that is the one downside to going along with a spouse for a convention or trade show .. you have to behave so you don't get your significant other in trouble. I do hope you'll have some fun .., actually I KNOW you'll have some fun!