Monday, July 3, 2017

The First Rule of "Fight Like a Dude" Club is ...

not to talk about "Fight Like a Dude" Club .. duh? What's the second rule? Come inside and find out!

Made this the other day just for fun, and to have something to post around the 4th of July if I didn't come back in time to make something. I got back from vacation about 3-4 hours ago and met up with some people and didn't get back until a few minutes ago. Also, my computer "updated" once again and messed up my monitor setting AGAIN, so at this point I couldn't make a new caption until I figure out the whole black level and contrast issue I have going on right now.

Does this "caption" need any explaining whatsoever? I can't imagine it would. I have a good idea which option most of my readers would choose however!

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July to all my friends in the US, and a fabulous Tuesday to everyone else in the world! As usual, I leave you with this bit of fun.

I spun around and around in circles as a youngster, hoping to make the change like that!

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