Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Big Stuffed Bear for the Hair Apparent!

You have to watch out for the Fashion Police most of all. Instead of a ticket, YOU GOT SERVED!

Just a small slice of daily life for a member of the community of Haven Falls .. Gotta keep the local mall open somehow! I saw the picture and spoiler alert(!) the hair style pretty much made me think up the entire caption. Brandi is into working out, so it was a natural to have him shopping at GNC for some nutritional supplements. I think that Claire's, Hot Topic, Old Navy, Chinese Nail Salons, and GNC are the only things that are keeping malls alive in America today. From there, it pretty much wrote itself, since I haven't seen many Build-A-Bear's around lately!

And speaking of stuffed animals, that could be the defining factor in determining if someone you know is really a genetic female. They probably have them hidden, but most women I know still have a stuffed animal or two (or an amount that would fill up a zoo!) from their childhood and/or Valentine's gifts, etc .. and if you are nice to them, they'll introduce you to them sometime. I don't have a problem with it, even if they still sleep with them. Honestly, I am not the type of person that wants to be attached to someone even when in slumber .. stay out of my zone and I'll be happy, and I'll do the same for you .. that goes for no kicking either! I even sleep in my own sheets so there is no cover hog, and I can be as cool as I want, and she can keep 15 pieces of fabric over her when it's the slightest bit cold outside.

So, I think the moral of the story is, if you WERE a guy who is now female, get yourself some stuffed animals to keep up the illusion .. and stick your feet in the freezer each night for about 5 minutes so you can put them on his ass while he's trying to sleep!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I think that Shopping Malls might be in the Top 3 locations for TG story locations. Other than schools, work offices, and perhaps someone's bedroom .. Shopping Malls are constant fodder with everything necessary for making the swap from male to female. Now that they seem to be dwindling in popularity, what could take its place? Shopping on-line doesn't quite fulfill everything because there is no way for the product to arrive there RIGHT AWAY! Any ideas as to what could be next to pop into the Top 5? Let me know so I can figure out a way to make them work in caption format and be the wave of the future! Also, any regular comments are appreciated too!


  1. Oh and do not forget to change the mattress every... cos this one is not right. (But i've only had it ten years that dip in the middle is just perfect now!)
    Shopping malls are the best for all our instant all in one transformation needs.
    Maybe a visiting service, A weekend spa. 3D printing. A star trek type replicator, or drones, lots of drones if you are not near an airport.

    1. I've done weekend spa's before. Drones and 3D printing I have not thought of. Perhaps I'll try to make a mental note and see what i can come up with!

  2. Stuffed toys aren't a male thing? *looks guiltily at the childhood stuffed toys kept from, well, childhood* Bugger.

    Good call with the Tainted Love video, I was thinking about just that as I read the caption funnily enough. Must be something about obscenely large teddy bears.

    As for the discussion question... Here in the UK we never seem to have really got into malls, per se, we have a few and they are big enough and ugly enough to look after themselves. Mainly I use my local shops and a couple of supermarkets all within walking distance of where I live. I guess we still use town and city centres - they seem to have everything that could be needed to transform. I guess, increasingly, people will use more impersonal services such as the internet and get parcels at intervals. Lots of opportunity for mystery parcels piling up with actual orders, maybe?

    1. Boys can have stuffed animals too, they just don't usually save them as they are entering puberty and beyond. I guess some mothers do save them without their sons knowing. I was not one of those lucky people. I am glad that you saved some, and can show them to your children now.

      It was between the Manson video and that weird Miley Cyrus video with the stuffies also coming to life. I went with the better song I think and I'll stand by that!

      Here in the states, or at least in the Northeast where I live, there are a ton of malls, and many are suffering. We also have the strip malls where a department store will have 4-8 stores around it but it isn't indoors. I remember estimating one time that I have 7 Walmart's within a 18 mile perimeter of my house, and 4 Targets.