Sunday, June 18, 2017

You Didn't Even Get Me a Tie?!? Happy Father's Day Everyone!

It's almost like the former dad isn't even trying anymore! *former dad rolls eyes*

So, hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. For me, it's been somewhat lazy so far, and on Sunday, the family is heading to my grandmother's house for a cookout/clam boil.

I wanted to whip something up for this holiday, so about an hour ago I went and looked through Google to find some sort of father / daughter picture to use in a caption. Found this one and it worked well with what I was conjuring up in my head. God knows this isn't great, or that special, other than it's fresh and hot off the presses in a timely manner. It wouldn't be like me to actually PLAN AHEAD for something like this, right? DOH!

The best thing about it design wise is I wanted to show the Dad and daughter, but kind of obscure him as much as possible, as I would think that most people would picture themselves in this scenario as the daughter. I mean, this IS a M2F TG caption blog. I'm not sure there are that many "girls who wish they were their dads" caption sites out there, right? That would certainly be some weird Cosplay!

Anyway, he is a bit blurred and hidden behind the text as much as possible. That way, he's got that generic father look with some graying hair and the thick eyebrows.

And I should assume that the Dad cast the spell, unless someone else did it for them, or was a mistaken wish gone wrong by the both of them? The new dad does have a point though about helping through being him, while he is just being a petulant teenage girl like she was before she was him. Probably something to do with the physical brain and how things can be processed, plus the variant hormones and peer pressure, etc .. The new "he" can see much clearer with the adult brain than "she" can as those neurons are still growing and adapting.

Wow, I didn't think of the science at all when I wrote the caption. Just figuring it out now. Perhaps this is a bit deeper than I thought? NAH!

Enjoy your day off -- Fathers. Try not to get your high heels caught in the lawn!

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  1. Brittany7

    Happy Father's Day. Your day will be much better then the clams. Enjoyed the cap also.