Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Steam Cleaning Gets Out All the Wrinkles!

Want to read a personal TG fantasy of Dee's? Come on inside and read what she has dreamed about!

Made this for Chelsea Baker a few hours ago, and wanted to post it now. I saw this picture and I wanted to make a more descriptive caption than I have lately, and this photo certainly lent itself to that task. It's interesting because this has been a recent fantasy for myself that I decided to write up and gift to someone else. Most of the basic elements of that dream are here: Showering at someone's house, shaving off leg and armpit hair or at least using Nair on my legs, and at some point discovering what had happened to me.

Of course, with lots of shower/bath pictures available to the Internet, there are lots of ways you can go with the story. Perhaps a few more will make appearances in the future, but one involves going to an ex's house to get some sort of left behind trinket, and spilling something on myself that needs to be washed off "right away!" Then changes happen as described above, even having trouble reaching a highly placed bottle of shampoo, and drying myself by putting my much longer hair up in a towel turban configuration. Then I grab a pink bathrobe that never would've fit me earlier and head to ... where? Well, it turns out its my new bedroom as I've become my ex's 14 year old daughter, who always wanted a kid but was a bit too psycho for anyone to procreate with.

There, she watches me put on some lingerie or nightshirt, commenting on how I used to look at her breasts with lust, but now, it's more jealousy and hope that I end up with many of her curves .. "But sweetie, you've already got a good start. Your boobies will grow out fully soon enough!" Then goes into a bunch of other 'before you were BLANK, but now you'll be BLANK" rants like the evil genius that she is. "You used to be so good with programming computers, but I bet you'll never give up your pink iPhone, right? The Internet is for cat videos, facebook, and snapchat, not building websites!"

Then the worst part is I start to FEEL and ACT just like her daughter, picking up a bit of her accent, etc .. while inside I cannot control what is happening. Then "it's time for bed. You'll have a long day ahead of you in school and I'm sure you are tired after all you've been through. But first, I leave you this present. Open it up once I leave your room. Good night sweetie, PLEASANT DREAMS!"

And of course, I open the box to find my first vibrator. I jill myself to sleep while thinking about certain classmates I could seduce and corrupt. Brad's really cute, but I bet he'd look even hotter as Brenda. Maybe Mom will let me have a sleepover next weekend?

Of course, there are many variations that I've taken on depending on what picture I'm looking at. Your results may vary, and that is what I want to see in the comments. How you'd take the caption and mix it with a fantasy of your own! You are washing away your old life and starting anew .. how would it happen for you? What'd you think about my little fantasy? What'd you think of the caption?


  1. A fascinating look behind the curtain!

    I always thought that fantasies were to be discussed and thought about as they are obviously windows into the way our minds work. They also provide a means by which to monitor how we are changing ourselves and ideas as a well-worn fantasy may take on extra aspects and different directions over time and you can, or one can, compare the current iteration to an older version to see what has changed and what has stayed the same.

    Oddly enough, I was considering that interface between reality, captions and fantasy - how one projects self into captions or literature etc - this morning on the way into work. Considering how memories can be fetishised and changed to fit the narrative that one wishes to weave over a particular event so much that the original memory becomes overwritten with the new code and there's no way of saving or referring to the legacy code any more, and all you have is the concoction.

    Reading your fantasy here, with all its optional extras, I am struck by just how much it reads like a choose your own adventure novel, itself reminiscent of logic gates and the programming that I can recall back from when I did some in the late 1980s and early 1990s - so probably a projection of myself because you mentioned coding in the story itself.

    Thought-provoking as ever.

    1. As for my own fantasy, washing away my existing life and starting anew... At present I find myself returning to University in my mind, that heady part before I met my first girlfriend and before I quite knew what to do with the parts of me that I sort of now accept. I would probably seek to wear clothes that matched how I felt, I would have spent some money on a few dresses and underwear. I would have bought some nightwear. I would have slunk in and out of halls and the kitchen, attended lectures dressed and shaved on my face. I would have attended the various societies of which I was a part dressed as I would like to be dressed. I would have grown out my hair. I would not have used my real name, my birth name, and I would have changed it somehow so that new people would not know any other name. By the Christmas, when I visited home, I would have created a new life. I would have hidden it slightly at home, just had the longer hair and the underwear, but I would have developed through to the Easter at University so that by that holiday I would have my hair styled in a femme way when going home and in drab.

      I would have joined the LGBT (T newly added back then) society and probably learned what I was coming out about and thus come out. I would not have had my first girlfriend that I had. I would probably not have had a girlfriend. I certainly would not have had a boyfriend. I would have been lonelier but more honest. I may even have been more at peace than I was at University. I would have been bullied more, at home and at University. But I would have been me, genuinely myself.

      At present, that's my biggest fantasy and the only way I can describe washing away my life and starting anew. Hardly a raunchy one, but a true fantasy I feel.

    2. Is that really a fantasy though, or more of a regret or pondering?

      A fantasy is more like "One day you were grading papers and one of the girl students was mad that you graded her essay exam harshly so she pulled out a voodoo doll that looked just like you .. and started dressing it in women's clothing. Then she whispered something into its ear, and found that you were compelled to act out whatever she had said, apparently this time it was "dance around on your toes like a ballerina! Who knows what she was going to do next, but you were certainly going to find out!"

      PS. Check out the "Absolutely Bonkers" caption, it's sort of British and up your alley I think!

    3. Fair cop. I suspect my fantasy-brain is limited at the moment because of the pondering. However, your suggested version is actually pretty good. Can't tell you're good at captions AT ALL!

  2. It reminds me of the scene in Kentucky fried movie where a guy is shagging a buxom lady in the shower with wonderful squishy results. I re wound that bit of the tape rather often.
    I have often hoped to recreate that. Apart from that i can not think of any other bathroom/shower based fantasy. I well try and have one tonight.