Sunday, June 11, 2017

Save the Haven: The (Hair) Sins of the Mother!

Is there a decade more skanky and yet fashionably female than the 1980's? I don't THINK SO!

Surely, the 80's were the last time where women were in more of a feminine mode fashionably, makeup, clothing, hair, hosiery and heels. Once grunge hit, and the corporate and business dress codes lessened, a more comfortable style of life emerged. Other than certain sub-genres and hiccups here and there, it's remained that way ever since. As an admirer of stockings and pantyhose, you barely get a chance to see much anymore unless you work for a conservative company.

So, it's why I can still cling to the 80's as the last time we could go over-the-top as a culture. Big hair, big shoulder pads, big sweaters! I'm still awaiting that big-time revival for the decade that I'm pretty sure will never come back again.

Anyway, enough of my ruminations on how awesome everything was when I was quite young. The caption was made for Drew aka FromBowtoToe and was part of the "Save the Haven" offering where each caption made from a photo in her folder during the time would earn the Haven 5 bucks. As I wrote at the time:
I didn't want to make you any more cheer-leading captions, and this one just felt ripe for the picking. I lived through the latter part of the hair bands, and I know a few women that definitely wanted to be Mrs. Bon Jovi. Hope you enjoy this one. You deserve the best captions for promoting an event to help the Haven.It feels like there should already be a reality show like this one being produced. If not, I better head down to Hollywood, eh?
The picture was just too much fun to ignore. Since there were TWO females in the picture, I got to co-star with Drew .. and we used our bimbo names, yay! Yeah, there is nothing groundbreaking about the caption, but its just something to make people smile .. while earning the Haven some money to stay on-line and viable. I'm so grateful for Drew to make the offer and happy to all those that helped contribute to keep the doors open.

What decade would you most like to live in as a female? Something in the recent past, go back a ways, or try your luck in the future?

What a great video! Britney Spears sort of ripped it off 10 years later. Who wouldn't have wanted to be a dude forced to attend and become a girl like these video vixens? I WOULD, I WOULD! Much rather prefer a real good band though instead of a 3rd rate Cinderella knock-off.

Now Vinnie Vincent Invasion was a hair band with the talent to shred!

Of course, that leads to Mrs. Smith, the drag queen shred guitarist, who rocks the hardest!


  1. Love the caption. though 80s style is not my favorite. It always seemed to plastered on for my taste.
    Bring back the Bustle.

    1. The closet thing I can think of to the 80's is that Chav style, but they tend not to wear hosiery.

      I think the flapper style is pretty sexy, though you really had to be built a special way to carry it off.

    2. You are right i was going to say some of the sixties styles were good but it the same thing a flat chested skinny boyish look. Must have been easier cross dressing in those time though.

  2. I've always been a fan of 1920s style. It seemed so glamorous.

    1. It does, though I'm not a big fan of lady's hats and it seemed like everyone wore fancy headgear back then!

    2. Idk, I think the cloche hats(had to look that up lol)were quite cute. But, just in general the dresses were so beautiful. I would've loved being a woman then. Do you happen to have a time machine?