Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Truth of Dare .. The Evil Dressing Room!

For me, this is the best way to deal with selfie pictures. Just straight on run with it full force.

Made this one for Courtney Captisa.  I love it when I can find pictures that seem right in the moment when they are almost all female but still retain a bit of guy left in them. I wish I had another 10-15 pictures with the subject in it because there could be so much I could do with her style .. but gah! I hate selfies! She has such a striking look though that I couldn't NOT use the image. That meant using what the picture gave, and that was a dressing room caption. The jeans even helped out as there doesn't seem to be any other women's clothes hanging up at the moment the caption is happening.

Hard to go wrong there, as it is still one of those places that men are not allowed to go into. Like restrooms, many of the women's changing rooms have nicer chairs and/or couches, and friends are more then welcome to go in with them if they wish. Guys have the "get in, get it over with" method of trying clothes on .. once again pretty close to how they use public bathrooms!

At one point I thought about using text messages, but those bubbles don't use enough text to make it worthwhile, and I only had that one photo, so a phone conversation had to be the method of chat. Besides, I can feel her voice rising a bit in pitch as she speaks her final paragraph.

I love the zinger at the end and it works well as the point of exit for the caption, but stories like this make me wonder what happens next. That is where YOU come in! Right? Please continue the story in the comments section. I'll post what I think happens next in the comments here on Thursday night. If anyone comes close to my thoughts, I'll make them a caption! Sound like a good plan? WOO!

Goth music should be the standard music catalog for TG community. Their lyrics hit home more than any other genre I can imagine. Might be the outsider status. and I understand that this was originally done by Kraftwerk, but you really can't DANCE to that version. And when you are dressed up, you want to go out and dance your ass off!


  1. Reminds me of a gender bent version of that Stephen King story 1408.

    1. Just read the wikipedia review of the movie and also the short story.

      I am pretty sure someone wrote a TG version of it for Fictionmania, as I was like, "Hmmm, I've heard this story before!"

  2. You know Dee...it's funny....a man would never dream of asking a friend to join him in a changing room.....I can still remember thinking like that!!!
    A magical changing room.....almost every one I go into is a magical changing room.....I go in and a beautiful woman appears in the mirror...and as I try on the dress or skirt or whatever I thrill to hear the women around me.....in the mens changing room there is dead silence....
    Another nice cap Dee!!!! You are firing on all cylinders as they say!!!!

    1. It's nice to know that you've got yourself one magical life! If you ever have too much excess magic, just spread some to us like a Fairy Godsissy!

      It can still be weird, getting dressed or undressed in front of other guys, and I'm not even saying that in any sort of "gay" way. I'll be in the gym locker room after working out and there is usually that ONE guy that just walks around naked like, "Yeah, I'm going to MAKE you acknowledge me and my nudeness!"

  3. I love it. Such a fun little tale with a nice, natural progression. Well done!

    1. Thanks! I don't know how you have time to read all those stories and still hit the blogs to look at captions too!

  4. But truth or dare with my bff is a different story. And now that it's my turn I have a skirt and cute top that will look lovely on you when I dare you to go to the mall and start hitting on some cute guys.

    Awesome cap like always. I really enjoyed this one.

  5. Hangs up phone. (shiver) Gee maybe i was to hasty. immature but cute and it is over thirty years since i have had sex.
    (or longer version) Gee I must remember to push the door not pull. I don't want to stave to death in this cubical again.
    (Or even longer version.) I well call him back...no buy lingerie first then call him back.
    oh a dress gotta buy a dress as well then call... Gee dumb dumb. shoes! .....

  6. Good thing the suit is on sale because I just have to have it. Gonna rule the beach on Spring Break. Tammy's gonna eat her heart out when she sees me. Should I send her a pic? Nah, I wanna see the look on that bitch's face when the guys ignore her as I walk by. Worth every penny this sucker is gonna cost me.