Sunday, April 16, 2017

Having a Bad Day? Should've Stayed in Bed!

Things could always get worse, right? Come on inside and find out if that is true .. or a complete lie!

Made this for Simply Says and I wanted to make a caption that had the text mounted onto the photo, hoping that it would look a bit more dynamic. Also used a different font for a different feel as well. Honestly, anything that keeps me from getting bored seems like a good captioning path right now.

A caption invoking Murphy's Law felt like something I hadn't done a million times. Melding that with bad wishing and you've got something. What exactly, I don't know, but it's right there in the caption. What I like about it is that there is no cosmic karma at play, and there is no justice to be served, nor a misunderstanding that leads to punishment. It's just a random series of uncontrolled issues and events that COULD happen to just about anyone. I hope that those reading it will fill the same way and take a leap of faith that THIS fate COULD be happening to them, but for the grace of god and a lack of clear, real, observable magic in this world.

Perhaps these elements make up a caption you enjoy reading. Maybe it falls short. To each his own. For those who are feeling existential, and those that want to know the truth .. we've got captions on the way to address both of those deep thinkers. See you soon!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Was anyone thinking as to why he became Suzanne? Be honest. I wrote it from the standpoint that there was a Suzanne there as well, probably have just as bad a day as David was happening. I like to think that they made a wish at the same time, and some benevolent being thought it was humorous to grant their wishes as open sided as possible. What are your other thoughts about the caption?


  1. Great cap.
    I can realate more than I like to days like these. Although I never changed into a woman before, but then, if it is a day everything goes wrong, someone who wants to be a woman probably won't end up as one ;)

    Susanne's day started way earlier than should have when her husband left with a lot of noise when he left for his early shift. She could have slept at least three hours, if he just kept a little quit. the day didn't get better when the water tap broke, leaving not only her soaked, but flooded the bathroom as well. After closing the main tap Susanne was grateful for the little blessing that she only had to mop up the bathroom floor, and there was no other damage.

    Of course after she called every plumber in town, none had the time to come over in the next three days. She could only hope her hubby left the tap alone, as he would only make things worse.

    When her husband came home he was horny as hell, and wanted kinky roleplaying. Susanne hated that and usually refused, but when her husband brought out his tool kit, she knew she had to prevent him from going DIY on the tap, so in no time they were on their way to the Holiday Inn. She dressed as a hooker he pretending to be her pimp.
    Was her husband for real when he told her she had to walk the streets for an hour, before she was allowed in the room? It was way too cold for that, and she certainly wasn't dressed for that either, but what has to be done, has to be done.

    Before the hour was up however she was arrested for soliciting, and put with several real prostitutes in a cell. It was actually even more peaceful than the rest of the day she had, and hoped that her husband wouldn’t pick up on her arrest to soon.

    Even the interruption of some “David” who was shouting it was all a mistake when they threw him into the drunk tank next to him didn’t do anything to interrupt her peace. So when the officer opened her cell, calling her name she mumbled, “I wish I could stay here a while longer.” Something she could regretted immediately. She saw her body walk away, while an officer told her, Well David, you’re out of luck. We can’t let you leave without permission of the DA’s office. The DA is on a two weeks trip, and his assistant just got into the hospital with food poisoning. You’ll be here at least a week before everything is sorted out.<<<

    Hope you like my view on Susanne’s story.

    1. Very plausible!

      In that scenario, I think I'd rather be Suzanna in David's body!

  2. Brittany7. If there was a TG version of Monopoly this would be the perfect way to get out of jail.