Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Guest Caption from Helena - "Rokjesdag - the bench at the bus stop!"

What is Rokjesdag? Come on inside and find out .. it is pretty friggin' cool, and real!

At the Haven, Helena offered a special captioning treat .. we'd pick out one of the pictures she supplied, and then she'd make us a caption dealing with Rokjesdag .. which she defines as:

Over here in the Netherlands we have the phenomenon known as "Rokjesdag" or "Skirts Day".
Rokjesdag is that first warm day of the year when women go en masse onto the streets in a skirt and bare legs, as if by a secret agreement. Usually that day is somewhere in the middle of April, but due to the weather over here we almost had it at the end of March. Somehow I have the feeling that many of us would like to have the experience of Rokjesdag wearing the skirt, not only as a spectator.

So, technically, they've had a long winter, and after a patch of warmish weather, OUT COME THE SKIRTS AND LEGS! That is a non-traditional holiday I can truly get behind.

She even let us give her a picture if we didn't like what she posted, but I thought it rude if I did that, so I picked out number 20, this photo in the caption, and she went and made something awesome!

As per what I said in my trading post in the folder: How would I not love a caption that is quite meta AND follows whatever universe my blog falls under? Great stuff sweetie! And we need that holiday here. Not enough women wearing skirts for fun anymore. Well, perhaps not around here at least. I still blame Pearl Jam.

I actually do, Once women started dressing like lumberjacks, there was no way to go back to dresses, hose and heels for casual wear .. at least here in the northern states. That was a staple of the rock chicks, and grunge let everyone dress up like a slob!

But it was a fun, meta caption that captured the spirit of me and this blog rather nicely. I am so glad I threw my legs into the ring so to speak. Hope you enjoy it too.

I'll be back tomorrow I hope .. then probably something posted Easter Night. My second job of doing taxes for people will come to a stop on Friday, then we are doing traveling to see family over Easter weekend .. so things are hopefully going to clear up sabbatical wise in the next 10 days or so.

Over the last week, we not only lost Don Rickles, but Paul O'Neill, who was most well known for creating the Tran Siberian Orchestra with members of Savatage .. and just now, J. Geils, the titular guitarist of the J. Geils Band.


  1. That sounds like a great day. Much better than our UK greet the sun ritual, getting the lawn mower out of the shed.

    1. Thanks.
      "better than our UK greet the sun ritual, getting the lawn mower out of the shed."
      We have that day here too. Maybe we can combine the two. We put on a pretty sundress, and then, like P!nk in the video "So What" ride through town on a lawnmower.

  2. Unfortunately retail and media picked up on it, and try to predict the right date for Rokjesdag.
    It seems however that the women don't let themselves be forced into skirts, so there were only a few women who did get out in skirts so far. Temperatures have dropped also, so that doesn't help either.

    I actually only posted a bunch of pictures to get things going, and I could have put up a several dozen more as well if I wanted to.

    I put up the possibility to give your own picture, because of the many differences in styles of skirts and dresses we all like, and of course the difference in preferences as well. So I don't concider it rude if someone gives her own picture. In fact, I think that would make things more interesting.
    Another thing to make things more intresting for me is allowing pictures to be chosen more than once.

    RIP John Warren Geils jr. He made an amazing inanimate transformation story with "No Anchovis, Please"