Sunday, January 29, 2017

Who Actually Watches the Pro Bowl?

Even football junkies won't watch the game! To what extent, come inside and read the caption!

This will be a quickie. Made this earlier today after reading Sissy Kaaren's blog, so I'll give her the credit for inspiring this caption. The idea is mostly that, while it is technically still football, and supposedly the best players that aren't in the Superb Owl, it sucks on almost every level. No one is trying that hard so they won't get hurt, they outlaw blitzes and stunt packages, and many players won't even show up, especially now that it is no longer held in Hawaii.

If the players don't even give a shit, why should the average fan. For me, it is always depressing because it means there is only one more week left in the season .. and then we get 2-3 months of depressing and bleak weather. If that doesn't give you seasonal depression, I don't know what would!

So, I created this, and to be honest, it's just OK. For me to fully flesh it out, it'd have needed a few more panels, and I'd rather make captions for others than a 3 panel blog exclusive. I am even posting it quite late in the night, but I wanted to do so instead of having to wait another year to post! The Pro Bowl isn't even relevent on the day it's played, never mind waiting until a few days afterwards!

So enjoy .. but please visit the last post which is MUCH BETTER and has no comments yet! You need to see it .. it was made for you!

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