Sunday, December 25, 2016

Wrapping Alectra's Gift Tightly .. Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope that every wish comes true for you and all your loved ones!

We already celebrated our Christmas this morning, as our roommate is heading to Maine to be with her BF's family, and my daughter has to work for 6 hours later on Christmas Eve, so we exchanged gifts this afternoon., so now I'm writing this up while watching the Patriots game. In an hour or two, we'll be visiting some friends and other family members for some Christmas Eve parties .. and we are bringing some Wassail, which we found at a Trader Joe's! I am finally back home here around 1 AM and I'm about to watch a Christmas classic movie I watch every year .. Die Hard!

I hope that no matter what your situation is, that you get to spend some time with loved ones, whether they are family or friends. No matter what your religious affiliation, that is what this holiday is all about, being with the ones you love.

Please be safe when you are out and about today. The frenzied rush of the Holidays can make us all less observant and more negligent in our long term well being. Watch out for not just you, but the others that are celebrating. This time of year is for joyous reflection and the promise of a better tomorrow. The best way to do that is to celebrate with those that you love the most.


  1. What a lucky draw for Pablo! If it had been any other wrapper at the mall all he would have gotten was free gift-wrapping service. But, since Dee was the one to wrap-up all his present with prospect for a beautiful future, Alectra's procrastination might be turned to procreation, once she unwraps a nice, warm 'yule-log' to fill her new 'fireplace'!

    Merry XXXmas, Dee! And to ALL a good BRIGHT...New Year!


    1. Merry Christmas to you as well Elle! Glad you popped by to say hi!

  2. Ouh thank you, unexpected gift with unexpected wrapper. Nice!

    Been a crappy year, but with a nice bow to end this unending 2016... Probably the new year comes with lots of gifts. At least for my family. We really needed that one. Also been trying to come back to the Haven. Maybe this is the new year resolution *giggle* a lot happened and then I couldn't....

    Merry Christmas Dee

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. So happy you were able to see this caption. I saw the picture and knew I could make it for someone else, but the outfit and everything just screamed out your name.

      Hope you, and everyone else, have a much better 2017!