Monday, December 26, 2016

Well, At Least the Bottles Are a Bit Phallic, Right?

When writing out magic spells, make sure you spell correctly! Have a cock and a smile!

Especially when you are writing revenge spells. How evil of me to take some of the most pure ephemera on the mid 20th century .. and turn it into a racy TG caption with no redeeming social values whatsoever! How dare I do that! Someone should organize a march in every town that voted for the guy who they wanted to make America great again, and boycott that damn soda company!

That'll teach them to ingrain their brand into every facet of our lives, making it easy to subvert their commercial tendencies into something puerile and debasing to the very morals this country was founded upon a couple hundred years ago! Why America's founding father, Jesus, would be so upset that I'm sure he'd send down his number one angel, Peter Gabriel, down from the heavens to smite the creator of this worthless hunk of ... Peter Gabriel isn't dead ,, yet? No? If I was him, I'd lock myself in an airtight bunker until the ball dropped for 2017 .. but then I could see the headlines now ,.. "Former Genesis singer dies of asphyxiation due to tupperware accident" and a bunch of people get disappointed that Phil Collins is still walking the earth. Where was I again?

So anyway, this was a caption I made for Petra back in 2010, and I swore that I had posted it here somewhere on the blog, but I couldn't find it so I'm putting it up again. I don't see any submissions for my December DIY Challenge, so sometime soon I'll be putting up my annual "Top 10 (or so) captions that I made this year" post. Just have to get some time to go through them and pick the best of the batch. Honestly, I don't remember that many of them being good but that is why it will be fun to go through them all again and see if I had a quality year, or sucked major amounts of ass!

Quite possibly the best cover song the Sex Pistols ever did! God bless Steve Jones!

And I can't post without mentioning how awesome a voice George Michael had. Fuck you 2016!


  1. Love it Dee....but you know me....I love the old illustrations and ads!!!!
    I have to dig out my vinyl copy of Never Mind The Nollocks one of these days!!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Always fun to play around with vintage photos and illustrations.