Thursday, December 1, 2016

Nerdy Girls Need Love Too .. or at Least Another Magic Spell!

I mean, you expect magic to make you graceful and acting all feminine too? Sheesh!

I saw this photo and immediately captioned it for Ron, who of course likes girls wearing men's clothing and/or especially neck ties. I thought pretty much the tag line up above. What if magic was more scientific than *poof* you're a full functioning girl that knows how to put on makeup etc ..

Well, it'd probably just alter your DNA enough that you'd be the female version of yourself with, however long you've lived, the social graces of a male and no idea really how to navigate the treacherous waters of a new gender by any stretch of imagination.

So yeah. You were a geek boy, and now you are a geek girl. Deal with it!

So, this picture showed me the transitional phase before they got another spell to "finish" what they had started out to do with the first try. It's not often you can have an "in the moment" source photo. Usually it's an after, or the 'freeze frame' happens sometime during the storyline. I think that is why I just went, "I have to make this RIGHT NOW!" In fact, I am writing this up about 3 minutes after posting it to Ron's trading folder on the Haven. Can't get much fresher than that!

So if you haven't checked out the last post, why haven't you? I am offering a remix caption for you if you comment on one of my zero comment posts. When you are done here, just go back to Tuesday's post for more details. It's December .. already! Thankfully times flies fast because we want this year to end and get to a much better 2017!

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  1. Usually alcohol makes me lose IQ on its own but it would be neat to have a potion to change a thing or two. Can't help thinking that if we all could do it the world would descend into one long shag fest. Lets hope they work i have taken a potion to try and clear the rotten cold I've caught but no change yet.