Saturday, December 17, 2016

Caught in the Middle of a Transformation So Don't Look Back!

Sometimes I completely skimp on the procedural part of the transformation.. Not this time!

Wanted to make something for Kate Southerland on the Haven and was looking for a way to really do a transformation caption, both physically and mentally, and not worry about anything else at all.

This picture pretty much gave me everything I needed to work with, as it seemed to be at the midway point between male to female .. and as you read down the caption, the changes head up the picture .. once again bringing you to the middle .. right where I wanted everything to be.

IF there was such a thing as TG magical transformations, I bet it would go something like this, as that threshold of no more dick and balls, and the formation of the female genitalia would be our main focus no questions asked. When that is happening, you aren't particularly inclined to watch your toes become daintier and toenails magically paint themselves red. All your thoughts are on .. where the hell is my manhood going? NOOOOO! Boobs would most likely be second on that list of things to pay attention to the most. Anyone want to disagree on either of those transformational priorities?

SO hopefully I have fulfilled my goal of zeroing on and creating a caption about transformations with laser precision, without having to list every transitional detail. What do you think YOUR reaction would be if this was you in the caption? Same feelings as Kate, or would you experience this in a different way? Feel free to elaborate in the comment section!

Hmmm, this fits in with the December 2016 DIY Challenge that deals with Armageddon!
Check out the last post for details on how to make and submit a caption HERE!

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  1. a great cap and story! love to read about the slow transformations, they are sexy and make me feel good!