Friday, November 4, 2016

Gah! This Week Got Away From Me! DIY Challenge Results!

Come inside! Have a few brews and get things off your chest .. so you can grow bosoms!

Yeah, this week freakin' flew right by me when I wasn't paying attention. I wanted to get the DIY results up so here they are. I'll identify who gave them but I didn't have time to even read them yet! I am sure they are all great though, and that no one submitted a picture with a bunch of "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, an eum idque vivendo." quotes in it.

This first one is from Brittany. She got hers in way ahead of time, presumably so she could go out and celebrate with a few pints!

Then Helena gave us a two parter! I was hoping that someone would do more than one panel since I gave the option to do so.

Then, right before the deadline, or slightly afterwards, Ian's caption came stumbling in after last call, which must've been pretty hard to do when you are dressed like that!

And here is the beer hall legend, William Wallace Foster (January 23, 1932 – May 10, 2000), known as The Fox aka "The World's Fastest Beer Drinker" and player of many naughty barroom songs. Most well known for being on The Man Show during season one, before dying of prostate cancer.


  1. Love your captions Brittany and Helena.
    Sorry it was late,had my usual end of month down time. so had to yank this one out of the bag at the last moment.

    1. Ian, I loved that one! Jenny better be careful with the stuff - I could see someone becoming interested in her - at least it will not be cheating any more - her ex may even set her up!