Sunday, November 13, 2016

Brenda Wasn't Always ...

.. the subject of all of my captions, but she might have been the biggest recipient of my work!

Realized I hadn't posted in a few days and I've been pretty busy, distracting myself in many ways, through Fall cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen (bring the toaster oven to work because we have a real oven now) in preparation for the landlord to fix our sink, managing the one large closet to put the AC units in the back and the Christmas stuff out towards the front, trying to finally set up an entertainment area with a newer TV (with an Amazon Fire dohickey!) and some vintage video game systems attached including an old DVD recorder I dug up somewhere. Well, everything after the closet is hopefully Sunday into Monday .. haven't gotten to it quite yet.

Anyway, I knew I needed to post SOMETHING to keep you addicted readers jonesing .. so I figured I would post something that perhaps I've already done that was made for Bren. I've been thinking about her after watching a BBC special on the early performances of Pink Floyd. I am a knowledgeable fan, but she was obsessed to the point of setting up servers/ hard drives in her home that contained almost every live and record song they've ever done .. ALL in FLAC format! Do you know how much storage space that is? And this was back in 2010! Obsessed I tell you!

So with her on my mind, I selected this caption which looks fairly good and modern, even though it was made in January of 2009! Damn! I have captions that are entering grade school now!

I'm hoping that good things happened to her and that is why she has been out of communication with everyone I knew from the Haven for at least the last 3 or so years. I do have my doubts as she had some medical issues that flared up from time to time. If you are out there, get a hold of me Bren! I haven't made chili worthy of your peppers in a few years now!

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