Sunday, October 9, 2016

We Will Be Together Forever .. or Until You Are No Longer Fashionable!

Definitely not something I could do everyday, but it is nice to stretch some writing muscles.

Made this caption for TerraForres on the Haven, and it is not a genre I do very often. Please read the caption before moving on to what I've written below.

While looking at her preferences, I noticed this line, "I also like inanimate quite a bit (I like clothing inanimate especially sexy underwear and dresses; I also quite like people becoming body parts especially the more female parts of human anatomy)." At that point, I remembered a particular photo I had grabbed from the Internet about a month ago. When I pulled it up, I knew I could work something out in caption format so I dropped into the caption setting and just started writing.

"Why would someone WANT to be turned into clothing? and "Why would someone WANT to wear another person as a garment." both ran through my mind. I figured it was easier to come up with the boyfriend, who maybe asked for her hand in marriage, saying, "we are destined to be together forever!" as the romantic among us might say. Since she (I envisioned myself as the model) is obviously magical, perhaps time doesn't move as fast for her, and is on her 2nd century of beauty. Commitments for her could be really hard as she stays young and others grow old and then die.

Once I had that gist, I was able to complete the caption. I had myself write out why exactly I'd want a living dress for myself, and listing out the reasons. Note that there is a slight hint of cuckoldry there as well. I am going to wear him to entice others to ravage me, though he'll join in the foreplay aspect of the erotic tryst.

I think I'm most proud of the way I and Terra 'communicated' within the confines of the caption, when it is obvious that a dress can't speak. Telepathy would be interesting, but can you imagine trying to pick out heels in the morning for work and they are all calling for you to wear them out? "C'mon Dee, you haven't worn me in months!" Maybe with this spell, when he's not being worn, he is in a state of suspended animation. I could imagine it would be excruciating to just hang out in a closet for months or years at at a time. So anyway, I went more with base instincts, where if Terra was pressed against me, I could feel vibrations, heat/cold, throbs and tickles, Everything would have to be touch/feeling based. With that, I believe I did a great job of pulling it all together.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I would definitely like to see some comments especially since this isn't the usual fare we see on TG caption sites. Does this appeal to you at all? How would you have tackled this kink? What did you enjoy about my take on it? Anything I could've done better? Do you wish to see more captions like this at some point?


  1. A well written caption and love the way you handled the communication.
    I do not mind this theme but in small doses. There was some good blogs a couple of years ago but none seem active now. think its a bit hard to take in A new direction. I think if I had a try at doing one it would be a forced and probably shoes so kept underfoot.
    Its go to step outside your normal and you did it well.

  2. Well, it's not my thang, but it's a very well executed caption. Reading the methodology that you used and the depth you went to was fascinating and a great insight into why so many of your captions hit the marks they do. Full marks there for really getting under the skin of why things do what they do to other people!

    In short, your fascinating approach, which makes perfect sense when you think about it, is better than anything I could come up with. It's a good image, a clever story and, well, just wow.