Saturday, October 1, 2016

Some Changes in Office Procedures!

We are going old school with the 2 panel caption set from Bren made back in November of 2008.

Honestly I have no idea why exactly this was made, as looking around the Haven, I can't find this posted in my trading folder, Bren's or Courtney's and since we are all starring in it, where else could it be? Maybe something for a contest award or a one-off? I'm just glad I had a copy saved!

It's fun to view though, and I think the prehistory is that somehow Bren turned Erik and I into girls in the office and this was our revenge. It also shows how much presentation and design can be in making captions. Once Bren got the graphics program "Comic Life", her captions had even more panache and vigor to them. Remember that this was made towards the end of 2008, over 8 years ago!

Bren could definitely bring the heat when it came to captioning .. and her hot peppers were very good too. I looked forward to getting a batch mailed to me every fall. I was really hot for Bren's chili! As a genetic girl, and a lesbian too, she had a different view of captions and it was always welcome to get criticism or praise from her, as it was always genuine.

Since this is a post containing Bren's work, I HAVE to include her favorite band and one of her obsessions .. I remember her buying external hard drives all the time, so she could have EVERYTHING that Pink Floyd did, and as much of it as possible in FLAC format.

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  1. Well changes at work can be very stressful. Always large, decreed from the top with accompanying mindless spin. they never want to ask the guys doing the work. A key to raise production? a computer that works and a phone system you do not need a rocket scientist to know how to work it! You can see why i never get promoted now.