Thursday, October 13, 2016

Eating for Two, but Cooking for One. Damn Cravings!

Anything can taste good if its eaten with relish! Not the condiment though, you know what I meant!

Made this for Zagros aka MissChinagirl, and this was another one where I had a fun idea that really isn't in my usual wheelhouse and just ran with it. Nothing deep, and like Chinese food, you are hungry again for more in an hour. As per my writeup in her trading folder.

"I saw this photo and ran with it. It is amazing how much cooking and sexual terms interact with each other. I didn't want to overwhelm it but I did sprinkle some between the playful dialog. Seems like your wife might be enjoying the gender change as much as you are, though she's not on board with your culinary creations. There might be a lot of Chinese take-out in her future! Perhaps they can teach you to cook proper Asian cuisine?!?"

I just love the contrast of a most likely white couple wanting a baby so much that they'll do "anything" to have a child, including taking some non-FDA approved Chinese herbal medicines that must have a good sense of magical humor. From that, there is the adjustment period of after they changed, where she gains probably a foot of height and a big dick that wants stimulation all the time .. while he is dealing with a now petite frame and the heated womanly desires to become pregnant.

Will they want to change back, or will the former wife make sure that they have a full household of kids for Zagros to take care of? Perhaps that is what Zagros wants too!


Also, Ian has written a sequel to my caption, I Got the Idea from Youtube, Right? which you can find on his blog HERE!

I have heard of many glam rock groups of the 70's, but these guys were unknown to me until last night. Kind of sound like Sweet and Slade. Listened to a few more songs from them and I really dig the music. I can see how this would've inspired Adam Ant and some other punks and new wavers.

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  1. they should have have know that herballs was not a misspelling of herbal!
    Thanks for the plug of the caption. hope you liked it.