Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dee's Dancewear Demonstration Demand Keeping You On Your Toes!

Yeah, I figured now was the time for another ballet type caption! Don't see them much anymore!

I feel like a TG caption anthropologist right now. Here we have in its natural habitat, a now almost extinct, humiliation based, 'trapped in a feminine costume in public' caption, in this case, a ballerina outfit, complete with tights and tutu. I am excited to announce that the setting of the drama is on a sales floor at some sort of convention, where many more people will notice our subject, upping the stakes for all involved. Let us cherish this quaint postmodern relic crafted as though it was made in that classical time period of 2000-2005, where you couldn't go one Geocities vanity TG page without seeing one posted for all perverted eyes to see!

Anyway, enough about Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom of TG Captions. I made this for Zoligomist because he wanted a caption with shiny clothing and some humiliation. I thought I could bring that with this caption. The picture itself is set up perfectly for a TG caption, with a full view of the model's complete backside, and so any reader can map themselves onto the front of her without any issues in regards to suspension of disbelief. My only hope is that someone else didn't use this photo before. I would hate to think there was another one like this, especially if I was the one late to the party with it. Oh well, too late now to worry!

I think it has the right amount of evilness, humiliation and embarrassment built in. Tom *IS* helping Dee out here, and she is willing to work things out .. to a point. Is this a relationship breaker? It shouldn't be as he could still do his Monday to Friday job as long as he isn't a penis model! That is probably more of a confidence issue than "Why are your eyebrows plucked. Tom?" Dee gets to make a lot more sales and perhaps start a new career. Everyone wins .. at her terms, but still a win-win.

 Ah, one of the best "Cure" songs that wasn't done by The Cure!


  1. A very kind councilor in my high school took pity on me after the nurse told her that I was becoming a very frequent visitor and pulled me from gym class and put me in dance class....The girls there didn't really want me there either but at least none of them knocked me unconscious or gave me black eyes like I was getting from the boys!!!! I had to deal with a lot of verbal abuse but as the lovely guidance councilor, Mrs Duggan, said....
    "Baby you can either dance or those boys are gonna kill you!!!"
    God bless you Mrs. Duggan....wherever you are!!!
    As you can see Dee....this one triggered some memories....totally unrelated to your post but the whole leotard and tutu thing is just another one of my "things"!!!
    Loved it!

  2. An excellent caption. it has all my favorite themes. i think maybe this kind of caption is out of favor because because of past over use and maybe trying to find new themes but i kind of think if it ain't broke.
    You were asking for a D I Y theme halloween is to obvious how about oktoberfest?