Monday, October 31, 2016

Christmas Trees? It Isn't Even Halloween Yet!

I better not hear any Christmas songs on the radio this week when I'm out shopping!

They were putting out Christmas ornaments, etc .. at one of the stores I went to this weekend. Being the avid Halloween fan that I am, it seriously made me mad, as usual. Poor Thanksgiving turns into the leftover "Autumn/Fall" sales week. Here's some orange and yellow leaves, some tablecloths, and 30 percent off glazed hams and turkey carcasses!

I was referring to that whole 'rush through Halloween' sales pitch when I posted this in KarenSue's trading folder the other day:
Yeah, that thought came to mind when I saw this picture, and it gave me the idea for something I hoped my pantyhose fiend (friend, but I typo'ed it and it still fits you) would enjoy. I think even your prefs about "no guys" helped flesh out the conversation between a dad and his astonished teenage son. 
I actually think the most fun part about this caption is thinking about what happens next .. the elf job, the actual Christmas weekend, and how they try to get back to normal in the New Year after learning and pretending for those last few months!
Something I had originally thought about was the VR headset for the Playstation 4 that came out recently. Looked REALLY good and almost made me want to break away from Xbox for the first time in 15 years! I was going to have the daughter want one, but he'd have to go along with the dad's plans. The boss would've gotten it for the son for being a girl at Christmas. I had some semblance of a line being, "If you want a virtual reality, you'll have to be an alternate personality this Christmas."

Perhaps I will revisit this caption for her at Thanksgiving and Christmas .. and beyond. Haven't a clue yet. I guess if I find pictures that fit what how I want to expand it, but it does beg that question. I mean, their house will be safe, but will they end up acting all swishy and feminine. Do one, or both, end up enjoying being feminized? Maybe the boss has a lesbian friend that is in the same position .. for appearances she has to be married to a man, but really wants a lesbian in bed?

Hope you had an enjoyable Halloween season. Remember the deadline for the DIY is coming up in a few days. I finally got a submission this evening!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What do you think was better, the actual caption, or the one that I had thought about branching off, with the VR headset as the prize at the end of the femininization? Two different paths I know, since the official one is more forced, while the pondered plan would have been much more of a choice. Also, I was thinking of making my teenage persona name, "Amy Lynn" since it sounds much like my male name. What do you think about that possible change?


  1. Great caption! I like the alternate idea too.. hard to say what I would like more and I have to agree with you the best part is imagining what comes next.

  2. I like the posted caption. guess its the forced option. or no option. It would be great to see follow up captions. of course i would like to see things get messy.