Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sugar Bear can’t get enough of those Golden Crisps! DIY Challenge Results.

Gotta have my pops! And I think that Honey agrees!

Here are the results of the August DIY Challenge. We received three entries, plus mine up above, which are listed below. I am going to have a 4 day weekend vacation for Labor Day, and I really need it. I have a few posts planned to keep you company here, and I'll check in when comments do arrive and should have replies if pertinent questions are asked.

First up in Brittany7:

Following here is Helena:

And bringing up the rear, and sneaking in on the final day is Ian!

Remember, I WILL be posting on the weekend. Going to be busy, but writing these up a head of time. Make sure you post some comments so these captioners will feel the love!

Can't believe that no one chose to call our model "Tiffany" since she was eating breakfast!

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  1. Do you think its a shame they do not put free toys in the cereal packets now? i could really do with a little plastic finger ring that shoots counters across the room.