Monday, July 11, 2016

Working "Overtime" Off the Books, But With the Boobs!

Sometimes you have to do what you can to ensure job security!

Made this one for Matt/Martina who likes temporary transformations. When I saw the picture, I'm not sure why, but this story pretty much hit me straight on. Of course, it was air quotes, but a woman like that in a room like that seems like a teen boy's downstairs rumpus room.

As per what I said in their post:
Well, back in the good old days, a father would just take his 18 year old son to a strip club and/or brothel and teach him what he needs to know, especially if he is a bit of a geek or shy. Nowadays, they'd call protective services on the dad, and I'm sure mom would have some questions for the old man as well. 
If only that father could somehow work out a scheme to get his kid laid, and use all the resources available at work, without all that pesky sexual harassment mumbo-jumbo and paperwork to fill out? 
Sometimes if you want to be the top gun, you've got to swallow a few bullets .. or something like that!
Once you've read this, it probably makes more sense to you, not that it wasn't that hard to understand anyway. How was his boy going to take over his company someday, when he couldn't even score with a woman? Perhaps this was a way to get Junior motivated and confident in his capabilities. The best way to become the young man's right hand man in your career, is to stop him from being a right hand man all the time! Switch off occasionally .. it'll feel like a whole different person!

Remember everyone. It only takes 4 chords to be a pop star!

And of course, the same band teaches you how to write a love song!

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