Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why Are You Staring at Me? Just Remembering the Way We Were!

Well, that salesclerk, Dee, was right in the long run, wasn't she? Say yes, dammit!

Made this for Wendygirl who apparently likes to keep me in caption debt. I saw this picture and thought redhead = Wendy and I wanted to have a warm, gentle caption, and this made me lean toward a "moment in time" captured in a caption scenario, which is one of my favorite styles of TG captions.

That weaving of the story, in between and amongst the dialog, without telegraphing anything, can be difficult to do .. I mean, they both know what happened to cause this .. and there is no reason to hash out everything. Just a smattering of the recollection between two people with quite a history between them. To the, it's a recap into where things changed, and since they seem to be doing well, changed possibly for the better? Perhaps there was some lesbianism in Wendy's wife that was coming out that she was in denial about . Wendy certainly WANTS to be a submissive lesbian in her preferences.

I'd actually LIKE to know exactly how he ended up in her bra and panties, but unless I eavesdrop on them again, I will never know .. and spying on them is pretty creepy, don't you think? They are probably heading out to a nice restaurant for dinner, then a play or movie, then some happy scissor sisters action .. unless then do that BEFORE they go out as well. Hell, maybe they are going out with 2 hot attractive guys because they both remained "straight"? I mean, it doesn't fit her preferences, but when YOU are reading it, You decide what happens next. In this caption, you've got the power to fill in all the gaps.

There will be some more posting delays here and there over the next 10 days or so. I am heading to the GF's former stomping grounds this weekend, as we have to finalize some more paperwork regarding her mother with a "do not resuscitate" and "no feeding tube" filings. We also what to access where she is health wise, as she took a bad twist a few weeks ago and was discharged from the lock down dementia unit to a medical unit. They don't feel that she's a flight risk anymore because she is now barely ambulatory. We want to see for ourselves what the floor workers are telling us.

Also, a now-distant-ish friend passed away a few days ago, which I'll probably talk about in the next post. Already spent too much time on this one. I should be back either tomorrow or Thursday, when I'll try to set up an automatic post or two for the weekend.

Just a beautiful haunting film score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.


  1. Maybe the wife is looking to try on the underpants she brought for him in the same shop?

  2. looks great to me! Wish someone bought me them!