Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sissy Kaaren's Cuckold Classic Rock Station!

Turn your crank for K-Culd .. your source of pussy-whipped classic rock classics!

Wasn't planning on making a caption. Truth be told, I have been busy with some real life stuff, plus page hits have been real slow and no post since a week ago has received a comment. I thought about taking a few more days off because it's been a hell week, but when I was flipping through the radio tonight on the way home from work, I came upon the classic Reo Speedwagon song that I used in the caption. I remembered it from my youth, but back then it seemed like a yearning love song. Now it seems like a wussy cuckolded lover singing about how he doesn't care what she does, he'll still love her no matter about all those other men. I thought perhaps it was a "I'll forgive you, let's start over again," but honestly I can't be sure. It is almost a "OK, sleep with those guys, I don't care!"

So I was like, instant sissy caption for Kaaren. The hardest part was finding a picture. It took about 10 minutes luckily, and since maybe cuckolds enjoy the big black cock scenario, this picture fulfilled that fetish for many sissies as well. I had extra space at the end, so quoting some Janis Joplin filled out the rest of the caption .. and gave us another classic rock song to play us out. Just imagine the scat singing at the end of the song to be Kaaren and her wife having orgasms of joy over Bobby McGee!

Only a few days left on the DIY Classic Car Pin-up Caption Contest. I am not sure, but I think I have maybe one entry so far. Let's get moving! So many cars and pinups available out there to make your own caption, so start racing for pinks!


  1. Sorry for my lack of comments of late isn't real life a bitch! REO speed wagon and the DIY theme, Dee so good on so many sub conscious levels.

  2. Thanks for giving me another good laugh Dee!!!
    It's really not so much "OK, sleep with those guys, I don't care!" as it is "I'm so glad I can let her have this it makes her so happy!!!"
    Pretty lingerie and a big black cock to fluff for her.....sounds like heaven to me!!!
    Thanks for thinking of me!!!
    Love & Kisses