Sunday, July 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Jillisa .. Class of '16' Candles!

Here's a birthday caption inspired by a caption I made that I haven't posted here yet!

Made this as a birthday caption for Jillisa, after she responded to another 80's movie caption I made for Kendall. I noticed the piece of birthday cake next to her name and wanted to make her a birthday caption so she'd feel special.

Best way to do that was make a caption inspired by Jon Hughes movies, and of course, Sixteen Candles stood out to me as THE birthday to highlight. Pretty much just throw a bunch of movie quotes and tweak it slightly in a Haven manner, and BOOM! We've got a birthday TG caption!

The hardest part was trying to decide which quotes and elements to use. There were so many, and I didn't even bring Long Duk Dong into the story line at all! It is such a classic film, and has truly proven to be one of THE 80's best teen movies. It was played endlessly on TBS in the 90's and even teenagers now can relate to the timeless message. I mean, who HASN'T seen it yet?

I guess it doesn't do as well as Ferris Beuller, because apparently Jillisa is one of those people!
I think this caption would mean more if I had ever SEEN "Sixteen Candles." But that's an issue on my end not yours.

That said, pink dress + being a teen girl = woohoo! Thank you for the birthday cap.
 Oh well. Can't win them all! At least turning into a 16 year old girl in a pink dress is still cool!

And by "win them all" I apparently didn't as this was supposed to be published automatically on Saturday night while I was away. Hmmm, apparently the hamsters running the servers weren't paying attention to the calendars so we'll post this as the Sunday night caption instead.

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  1. No comments maybe nobody but you saw this film. Dose it exist or is reality and the Dee caption universe blending into one ?