Friday, July 15, 2016

Don't Drink and Cast Spells! .. and DIY Challenge for July Revealed!

Brought to you by WADS .. Witches against Drunk Spell-casting!

Made this for Chelsea Baker about a week ago. Hadn't made her a caption in a few months, and felt that this would be right up her alley. Not quite sure it is fully formed enough for me to give it a complete thumb's up. Seems like they are sloshed, but then are pretty coherent, then sloshed again. Oh well, can't win them all!

Strained my arm this afternoon moving some things out of the apartment and to the street for them to be taken away this weekend, so I am not going to type too much tonight. Hoping I'll be able to gut it out tomorrow as I have the place to myself during the day since the GF is on her one weekend a month rounds. If I am properly motivated, I can usually whip up 3-5 captions on a day when she isn't present in the apartment. We shall see what I can make, considering I do have other things to do, but its been so hot and humid, I might be better off staying home and making captions instead. I had a friend go to the hospital today with heat exhaustion. Definitely something I don't recommend.


The DIY Challenge for July 2016 is upon us! The topic this month is : Cars and Pinups!

I am going to let you hunt down your own pictures again this month, but they must contain both a classic type car and a classic type girl .. the pinup! Perhaps in a bikini or other outfit known for pin-up girls .. it is July so lets have some classic caption fun!

The deadline for submission will be Sunday, July 31st at Midnight PST. You can post them in my caption folder on Rachel's Haven, or email them to me. Let's get all of our engines revved up!

See you later this weekend!


  1. There's a Tumblr site devoted to pinups and clssic cars or hot rods.

    1. Then hopefully we'll have lots of submissions from everyone as the more, the merrier!