Friday, June 3, 2016

Haven't You Ever Just Wanted to be Evil? Even for Just One Minute?

 A new caption? WTF! Don't say I never spoil you! Just make sure you put on your evil clothes!

Yeah, I actually had some time the other day and made a caption for Dawn (Commentator) and then yesterday, I had some extra time and made a few more, though most aren't quite done yet.

As per what I wrote for Dawn in her trading folder:
You are always nice and sweet to everyone here, so I figured it was time to show you how awesome it could be to do something evil now and again. I mean, it is friggin' awesome! But don't take my word for it! 
Some of the words I have coming out of your mouth, or well thoughts out of your head, matched what I thought when I saw the picture initially. I said, "who and why the hell would anyone use this in a TG caption?" and right there I figured, "why, of course, it would be ME that would try to use this picture!" 
Luckily it wasn't that hard to write it up for you, once I had the right point of view! Hope you enjoy being evil for the next 60-80 years! 
PS. I assumed that the girl was a caregiver of some sort and was wearing scrubs on top of the non-matching underthings.
Being evil is much more fun, and Bruce Wayne proves it. I mean, think about this. You watched your parents die right in front of you, causing enough emotional destruction to make you spend much of your fortune to dress up like a bat and avenge evil. Yes, you get lots of cool toys to play with, but it isn't really fun in the sense that you are using them to fight crime, not vacation in Ibiza.

Then you have the Joker, who just had a psychotic break and has the time of his life. Nothing stops him from having a blast, except for Batman, and to him it is more like a parent telling him it is time to go to bed. Just because he wants to put a smile on everyone's face in Gotham and does it by toxic Joker Jelly doesn't make him a bad guy, and even hardened criminals give him a wide berth.\

And media wise, I bet that Nicholson, Ledger, Cesar Romero and Mark Hamill had much more fun to sink their acting teeth into the Joker than Bale, Clooney, Keaton and Kilmer did, as only Adam West really seemed to embrace the underlying psychosis effectively by limiting his affectations.

In politics, the more virtuous candidates are long gone from the presidential race and in its wake, we have two people that are literally the personification of evil manifestations. They crave the attention, and the public eats it up. I think Trump is having the time of his life right now. I swear he is about 2 weeks away from announcing the plans for a Death Star, giggling like the schoolgirl Palpatine at the end of Episode 6. "Our Trump Star is yuge and opulent. Yes, I named it after myself. You really haven't been following the news these last 30 years, have you? It's all about the branding you see. The last thing I want our enemies to see if my name hovering above them like an eagle of justice!"

And as TG captions go, how many guys are turned into innocent girls as opposed to slutty vixens willing to spread sin all across the land? No one wants to be turned into a nun, unless its a stripper dressed up like a nun for Halloween.

Honestly though. Why would ANYONE dress like that? Was it on a dare? Had she not done laundry in 3 weeks? Did her house burn down and she grabbed a few things off the clothesline of a color blind prostitute? I guess we'll never know.


  1. Being evil does have its attractions and sex drugs and rock and roll sure beats a night in picking out belly button fluff. The only draw back is there could be somebody more evil or insane or both ie Trump and Clinton so you would still have to watch out, Navel excavation could be the safe bet.

  2. Fun cap.
    I have to admit, the few caps I wrote from an evil point of view were fun to write.

    Wel, in defense of the girl in the pic, in fashion there has been a thing called color clash. If she is a dedicated folower of fashion, she might have been a victim of that.

  3. When you're evil you set the trends. Soon all the girls will be dressing like this. I mean look at the kardashians - or is that the Kardassians - they look the same to me.