Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Booby Trapped Diary? Nah! That'll Never Happen!

Especially when it's posted to a TG Caption blog! What are we, some sort of witches or something?

Hmmm, one of these weeks I'll be back on a regular posting schedule, I promise! Luckily people were still visiting last night when a new post should have gone up, and the caption I did post was quite a bit of fun, and with the DIY Challenge results finally getting some decent views, I am not going to complain at all. Long story short: yesterday the GF had car problems, beyond what I could fix, and it baffled my mechanic as well until this morning when he did some extra research.

Back to the caption. Made it as a quickie for BustyatHeart on the Haven, and when I saw the picture, it definitely seemed to live up to her name. I put it into a caption setting and originally thought I had enough space to make something .. better than what I ended up doing. As per what I wrote in the post describing what happened:
I didn't have as much space as I wanted to write it out somehow in the caption, but this isn't a body swap where you'll be Emily. I didn't give the old you a name as by tomorrow, the new you will replace the old you, just as a female version.  
Maybe Emily will be the only one to know, you swiped it from her. Then again, it's YOUR diary now. I am betting hers is locked safely away from her next boyfriend.
When I have to give THAT much information outside of a caption, then I didn't do my job well enough as a captioner. Then again, when you have ONE person in a picture reading to themselves, it is hard to break out into the 3rd person to describe the intricacies of the magic spell that was placed over the diary, or write a framing story around it. By this time in my captioning life, I am not going to let it get to me too much, as I think it is still an enjoyable read, even without the provided back story. It just isn't anywhere near the caption that I THINK it could've been.


I never get a chance to post about this until it is too late. If you look in the links section on the left side of my blog, you'll see a blog named "Bending the Bookshelf" which reviews TG stories and other kinky fiction on Amazon. In addition to this valued service, every Friday she lists a bunch of books that are available for the Kindle .. for FREE! That is gratis for those who like slang words for Zilzh and/or Nada! Some suck and some are worth keeping, but what do you want for FREE? As I should have mentioned originally, those stories are only FREE on that particular Friday, which is why I was giving everyone a few days head start. After that Friday, they go back to regular price. I believe that is why they call it, "Freebie Friday".

Why not expose the world to more of Randy Rhoads amazing technical prowess on the fretboard? I believe that this is the last track that Randy worked on before he died and I can only imagine the heights of guitar playing he could have aspired to if not for that plane crash. Horns up Metalheads!


  1. In addition to this valued service, every Friday she lists a bunch of books that are available for the Kindle .. for FREE!
    Unfortunately most of them are no longer free - so be sure to look before you click.

    1. Hmmm, I probably should have specified. As you mentioned, they are FREE on Fridays, Which is why it is listed as Friday Freebies! Then within a day or two, they go back to regular price. Still, if you go to her page on a FRIDAY, then the stories are FREE!