Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Pixie's Pantyhosed Playthings!

The hosiery with an extra breathable panty. You'd almost say they were alive. OMG! They're alive!

I still owed Karensue a caption or two, and I'm trying to whittle away any remaining caption debt. As per what I wrote in the trading post to her folder:
 I saw this picture and figured you wouldn't mind sharing the fun with Katie Mills and I. Was I right? 
I just knew there had to be something extra making us girls in the picture squirmy. Once I figured it out, it was all systems go! 
Until the end, I wasn't sure just HOW the transformations happened, but the trail of tiny marshmallows gave it away I think, hence the actual title.
Occasionally I will read fiction online about people transforming into inanimate objects. I like trasnformations of all sorts, so I will read them, but usually at a certain point they get too much into a certain fetish, and then I'll stop. Not that this is anything unusual for me, as I tend to read many sissy stories that hit a few notes I enjoy until something pulls me out of the story.

Anyway, in this case, I was able to recall some of those stories and apply it here in caption format, I also tried to keep it simple and let the reader decide what happens next, stopping before it became too focused on a certain set of buttons not as many readers had in their wardrobe. If you like being changed into an inanimate object like pantyhose, they you could picture yourself as one of the girlfriends that changed. If you like TG captions, then obviously you are one of the girls squirming in your seat at how horny you are getting. Maybe you get off on being a controlling pixie who can transform people for your own whimsical pleasure, and are thinking what you could next to "torment" these poor souls! From there, set up our own scenario and let it play out.

In the comments on this posting at the Haven, Brittany brought up a point I had been thinking about while making this caption, and it's always been a thought to me whenever I read an inanimate story. "What happens if someone gets a run in their hose?" Here is my reply to that great question.
That is why they are trying to resist. They don't want to hurt their girlfriends. Since a pixie is likely afoot (pun intended) there is probably magic in place to keep the women from being harmed. Maybe there is an option for the girls to stay hosiery and the guys to stay female if they choose to remain that way.
That would be a happy ending to all the mischief that little pixie has caused. It is nice to know that someone reading my caption is that invested in a side character enough to wonder if they'll be safe. As a writer, that is about as good a compliment I can receive, other than undying devotion and utter subjugation of the reader's will so they will worship me and help me take over the world. Well, you know, baby steps!


First issue has been resolved and we are the only ones that will remain tenants in my apartment building. Everyone else it seems will be evicted. That is a relief, and all that subliminal messaging and hypnotic trance work paid off nicely! The new landlord even offered some improvements to the place, like security cameras and a new stove! We shall see how the rest of my possible upcoming distractions play out. Some are good and some aren't, but we will know more as the summer progresses. Until then, I'll keep on rockin' in the free world!

Nothing like a good old Ian Dury song to get your blood flowing.


  1. Fun cap.
    Well, I rather be in pantyhose than be a pantyhose.
    And Pixies? They make phones run nowadays. Check it, you may have a marshmellow in it. I have. ;)

    Good to hear you're not evicted.

  2. I do enjoy inanimate captions but also think it would not be a very fore filling existence,
    i do hope they are protected from all that rubbing and think that they well need a spin in the washing machine later, but that could be fun.