Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hail to the First TG President!

A different type of Hope for 2016! A Change you can believe in!

I saw this picture and knew I had to caption it. Figured this might be the only way that this US election could get any weirder.

I am not endorsing any particular candidate or political party. You probably have a good idea who I would be voting for anyway at this point in time. Yes, I am voting for Cthulhu. Why vote for the lesser of two evils? If you are actually curious, then first read the actual caption, then see who you think I'm rooting for. No matter what though, I am trying to keep an open mind about our political process this year in America.

Let's put it this way. Every candidate I've voted for has never even come in 2nd place, never mind won the presidency. I tend to vote for fiscally conservative and socially liberal candidates, which there aren't usually that many of them. In the past I have voted for Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico who actually is running again, and remains a viable option, and probably will be my choice if the Democratic Party doesn't feel the bern. Wow. just found out that Gary Johnson will have former Massachusetts governor, Bill Weld as his Vice Presidential choice if nominated! He's a republican, but he's fiscally conservative and social liberal. Woo!

Just having some fun so just relax and enjoy the caption! PS. Having had Romneycare, which became Obamacare .. I like it a lot! It's also saved me from bankruptcy a few time in my life!

See you tomorrow night if all goes well!


  1. If this would be the way to have Obama reelected, than I guess that a lot of people both inside and outside the US would love to see this happening.

    I grant you that the current election in the US is pretty weird, but I do hope that your next president is someone who does not only look at the interest of the US, but knows that her/his policy has a global impact. But I am afraid that your version of former Italian prime minister Berlusconi may get more votes than is healthy for the US as wel as the World. I hope I´m wrong.

  2. Well as an outsider i think the republican candidates/presidents seem to be getting crazier every election. Hilary's election would be a gods send for T G cautioners. of course we have the in out of Europe referendum here in the UK next month. Obama's speech when he came here was not one of his brightest moments.Maybe you heard the resounding "F*** you then" in Boston? As a side note have you seen how many you tube videos claim Michelle Obama is a man?

  3. Considering how good-looking our First Lady is, there must be a lot of Republicans out there dealing with their repressed transgender fantasies, homosexuality and racial envy.