Monday, May 30, 2016

A Toast .. to the Way We Were .. or the Future?

One Bourbon, One Scotch, and Two Boobs!

Originally made this for Jay Seaver back in December of 2008! When I was looking for an older caption to post, I liked this one, but the text was hard to read and the caption was small, back when I think 850 pixels wide was the limit. I went back and 'Lucas'ed it by making it bigger, surrounding it with a border, and changed the font and corrected a few punctuation mistakes. Trust me, you'll enjoy this version better than the original, and I didn't add Jar Jar Binks into it, as far as YOU know!

Why did I want to post this one? Well, I think it might be one of my first efforts where being a woman wasn't a punishment. Many people that traded with me at the time wanted to be trapped in femininity, as that was what got them off. Jay didn't mind as much, and appreciated being himself, but just a girl instead, and it appealed to me that I didn't have to always write up these elaborate schemes and plots to make the recipient all curvy.

The other reason I liked it is that it is part of my evolution as a caption writer .. I left the caption open ended, and actually asked the reader what they thought happened. I guess this makes it a proto-meta caption of a sort, and begs the question for you .. what did she do? You'll have to tell me because I haven't the foggiest, although I'm guessing that most of you would be pouring it down the sink!

I've seen in my Trading Folder on the Haven that a few others have made a DIY caption for May! Looks like all the usual suspects will be back again when I post them, probably on Wednesday or Friday night. I hope that all of you who had long weekends, either spent them relaxing with family and friends or took advantage of the time to accomplish something you've been meaning to get to for some time .. but either way, gave at least some thought to those who defended the freedoms you so enjoy today. All gave some and some gave all.

This is the kind of blues I want to hear in a bar .. Loud, sweaty, rowdy, and electric!

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  1. Oh if only we could have the best of both worlds.
    Good call on the veterans day.