Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mom, Look! Phineas and Ferb are in a TG Caption!

You guys are SO Busted! (UPDATE: We've added a discussion question!)

Yeah, this is a quickie pop culture reference caption. Made it the other day when I found this photo and her outfit looked vaguely like Phineas' clothing, but of course much more girly and sexier.

Yeah, my mind works in really fucked up ways sometimes. Anyway, once that was rolling around my brain pan, I couldn't get it out, so I figured I would just caption it and move on. It's got quite a few of the catchphrases, and I'm hoping I got the spirit of the characters. Phineas wouldn't mind being a girl for a day as it would be an adventure, and something fun to do during the summer. Candace is always trying to get her brother in trouble with their mom, although things always seem to return back to normal before their mom can see all the wild things that Phineas and Ferb are doing. And Isabella doesn't seem to mind dressing up her crush in women's clothing. I hope I didn't wreck the cartoon for anyone that has children. I am not sure you can ever unsee this! I even used their font for the title.

It's been a busy week and hasn't quite slowed down so I am doing this quick post, and hope to have the regularly scheduled post on Sunday night go as scheduled, then I'll be back to my typical Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri routine. I am guessing others are busy too, as during this week I've made captions for two people here on this blog, and neither one has apparently seen it yet! That would be Leeanne and Beatrice .. so if you two happen to read this post, look back for your caption!

And of course my favorite parts are Perry the Platypus who is a secret agent who battles against the 'evil' Dr. Doofenshmirtz, who has a gothy daughter named Vanessa that Ferb is infatuated with. Best part of the cartoon, and they each still have a fondness for each other even though they are enemies.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What cartoon would you MOST like to see done as a TG Caption? Which cartoon would you LEAST like to see done as a TG Caption?


  1. We don't get Phineas and Ferb here i well have to check them out.
    Most cartoons have had some cross dressing moments.
    Maybe Dick Dastardly would benefit from from strap on action from Penelope Pitstop. and then be pimped out by the long suffering Muttly.

  2. Brilliant.
    In my opinion you captured the adventurous nature of Phineas and Ferb. It make me curious what a full episode of P&F around this would be.

    Hmm, most of the cartoons I like had their episodes where at least crossdressing was involved, and a few where our hero becomes a girl. '
    There is one I have been toying with, but it never developed into a cap.
    A quote from that could be:
    "What are we going to do tonight, Dee?"
    "Same thing we do every night Helly. Try to Feminize the World."