Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I've Think They'll Be Miserab .. ly So Happy Together!

What happens in Vegas often changes in Vegas!

Made this one for Kallie Rae while I was just sort of drifting through some online folders, and thought it would make a good caption, I am going on the premise that "wiccans are people too!" and that we tend to be level headed, but when angered, we get very emotional, and reactionary. I tried to go the route like Bewitched, where she won Darrin's heart without the use of magic, to make sure they were soul mates. However, that isn't going to stop Alice from making some changes, especially when it can lead to a very happy ending for everyone!

Now on to the discussion I mentioned the other day, the caption I made for the 1k post .. this one.

Caitlyn brought it up in a quick review: "Great cap Dee. The idea of going through a normal girl’s lifetime worth of sexual development…. Wow!"

I really operate under the idea that traumatic situations like we put our protagonists through would decimate people mentally, psychologically, and emotionally if it happened to them in this reality, not to mention the quick swings in hormones and physiological points of reference. There is a reason that people going through SRS have to do RLE (Real Life Experience aka RLT) and that is with mostly the same skin they've been living in for their entire lives. Add height adjustments, status alignment and subtle social cues we've been using since children .. it is a total mindfield.

On hormones, many people achieve a 2nd puberty state, and that can be helpful .. though it is nowhere near the period of time need to learn correct social graces. Genetic females get their entire youth to figure out who they are, and experiment putting on different affectations, looks, and develop their personality, along with how to cover up what they see as deficiencies, however real or imagined. Part of the RLE is adjusting how you see yourself and projecting it outward.

Well, with this thought, a concentrated, immersion therapy dealing with the sexual evolution of a women seemed like a topic that we don't cover much in our, "ZAP! You're a woman now!" TG captions. Imagine how intense, but beneficial, it could be to obtain all that in a 24-48 hour period? I'm sure that is a treatment you could get behind, and on top of, and tied to a headboard.

And besides, a doctor like could set up something like that would be entirely clinical, so hence we needed a paragon of Hippocratic integrity .. Dr. Mentia! She gets things done, and done well!

I am sure with all this guidance, Jillisa will be one of the lucky ones to have come out of a TG caption in much better shape than when she started. Don't you agree?

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  1. Love the caption, i think if you had magic powers it would be very hard not to use them to get your own way however hard one tries not to abuse them. i know i would.
    I agree a lady has a lifetime of learning. to be put in to another body would mean a lot of things to learn and unlearn. i think its the social cues of the change that would be the hardest to adapt to. how man interact with woman i think is different from two guys and maybe even finding out how two women interact together might be a surprise.
    it might also depend on the type of female you adopt or are forced to adopt.
    a tomboy could wear androgynous clothes skip the make up and hair. even avoid sex.. but
    the bimbos we know and love well that would require all of the crash courses Dr Dee has to offer.