Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hot Off the Shelf .. and Hot In Front of It Too!

Take a look, it's in a book. A reading rainbow! * updated *

C'mon everyone! Sing along with me! "Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high. Take a look, it's in a book, a reading rainbow. I can go anywhere! Friends to know, and ways to grow, a reading rainbow. I can be anything, take a look, it's in a book, a reading rainbow, a reading rainbow."

Ahh, I feel much better now. Made this for Molly Marshall on the Haven, and wanted to give her a classy and sexy looking caption. This photo certainly did the trick! And since I was trying to make a positive caption, I figured why not be the co-star? Seems like fun! What you see in the caption was pretty much my thought process. When I first saw it, I said, "the female part of her is OCD and grouped the books by color no matter what the subject matter was!"

By positive, I mean that she views the time spent as a woman to be a good thing, but does wish to be male, at least so that she can continue his career and that masculine visage for the time being .. and once she finds the spell to change back, she is going to make sure she keeps track of both the wrong AND the right pronunciations this time! Even more, she wants to share it with her favorite student, who happens to be a good looking guy, and probably would make a delicious woman as well.

"Of course, you don't have to take *my* word for it." And yes, I'll never be as cool as LeVar Burton!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Speaking of reading, I need some new TF/TG stories to read. If you've read something interesting recently, let me know what site you found it, the name of the story, and a quick synopsis. It could be from Fictionmania or elsewhere, even on Amazon if it isn't too much.

POSTSCRIPT: In the ninety minutes between when this was posted, and when I popped back online, someone decided to vote "meh" on every blog post on the front page, except one that I would think could be the contender for most "meh" out of them all. Also, one post has 4 "meh" votes right now. Honestly, if someone comes here and thinks that there are that many captions that don't interest them here .. just leave and don't come back as this blog probably isn't, and won't ever be, for you. I put the voting up for those who are too shy to leave comments. I am not hurting if someone votes a "meh" and it isn't going to influence what I post, especially with how transparent the actions were. When someone deliberately and reflexively spam clicks in a negative wave, I feel sad that they can't seem to express themselves in a constructive way. Once again, if all 9 of those posts suck in your opinion, one of which includes a 17 panel caption from Caitlyn that certainly does not suck .. then bless your heart, this isn't the caption blog for you.


  1. i love the caption. i thought molly might have chucked the "horrid old ickey book" out so was pleased with the positive ending.
    i never quite get around to reading longer tf/tg fiction so can not help you there.
    As for the Meh monster. its not big and its not clever. i know that it is annoying but that's the risk we take leaving the option out there. i know you have the balls (can we use that term on a tf/tg blog?) for constructive or reasoned criticism and with 1000 post then there are going to be weak ones or of a subject that is not to every ones tastes.
    as you say click away or maybe better still start your own blog with the captions that you want to see. i think with your view count and the captioner's who helped you celebrate the latest mile stone there are more positives than negatives out there.

  2. Great cap.
    Horrific, books arranged by spine color;) I am glad that my bookcases are more chaotic to look at. I only have the works of authors stacked together, but that's it.
    I assume that it is a coincidence that this cap is posted in an annual event (since 1932), called boekenweek (=book week) we have over here in the Netherlands.

    I always wonder why people would want to go to sites they don't like. I rather visit that what I like and there is more of that already than I could visit in a lifetime.