Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Half a Caption for Hailey Pixley .. and DIY Results!

Where are you, Miss Pixley?!? A nation turns it's lonely eyes to you .. woo woo woo.

Made this caption for the currently missing Hailey Pixley. I am holding out hope that she is ok, and that her caption blog being down again is another blip on the screen and she'll be back again real soon. Since I haven't heard from her, and her last email is currently borked, I figured perhaps I would make her a half a caption in the hopes that she'd see it and make contact with me, even if it was just to let me know that she's ok.

It has references to the Wizard of Oz and I chose a picture I would love to see her work her magic upon and whip up something fun to read. If/when she comes back, I will make sure she gets a copy.

And now for the DIY Challenge. I wish I had time to talk about them, but I am heading out to visit with family, as the family member who is passing is now having difficulty breathing and so I want to be with a few of them at a rough moment. One thing to note is that we DID get a new person involved in the DIY, and that is Obsidian, a newer member of the Haven.

First up is Brittany:

Next is Obsidian:

Ian made sure to make a caption before he went on a holiday from the computer:

and Helena put forth a caption for March as well.

I would like to thank everyone that made something out of this admittedly odd picture. Next month's DIY Challenge will be here soon and I can't wait to come up with something to inspire you!

Well, please do talk about the DIY caption submissions, and also please talk about Miss Pixley. Let her know you miss her too and hope she comes back! Can't guarantee that she'll see it, but we can hold out hope, right?


  1. Well i am back. (unenthusiastic whoopee from Dee) Yes i do hope Hailey well be back at finish the caption real soon. it is such a shame when captioners go AWOL and worst still not knowing the reason.
    And also other sad news have just been on Alexis blog;
    And there is a post that she past away on the 23rd i know she had health issues but still a shock.
    Great work on the Diys and loves Obsidian's caption.

    1. and finish not at finish

    2. I had not heard the news about Alexis Michelle. I wish there was something more concrete than an anonymous posting in the comments section of her blog, but with how private we all try to be here, I guess we'll have to make due with that.

      I have a close real life friend that would contact people from the Haven to let them know if something happened to me, and I think she also would know how to get on here to post about it as well. As long as we both don't die together, I think most people will find out about my demise in some official capacity.

  2. Hey Dee, I'm running through so many of your posts that I've missed in the past few weeks.

    Miss Pixley did delete her whole blog again. I know she has told me in the past that she does this so often. She'll exit and come back slowly. But lots of times as someone else.

    Anyway, I always get letters when she goes missing from our mutual blog followers. They always seem to think that I'm Miss Pixley. Probably because of our love for tights. It's how we met actually. I started Sugar and Spice and she contacted me. I even talked her into starting her blog. So it's safe to say that we are not the same person.

    Either way, Hailey was my first friend in this community and although we haven't been as close as we were in the beginning she will always be special. She encouraged me when I first started and helped me with my captioning. It's no surprise that Hailey is a fantastic caption blogger. Her work is always fun and fresh.

    I hope she is in good spirits and I hope this message on your wall finds her and funds her well. She is a wonderful person and a key member to our community.

    xoxoxo Katie Mills

  3. Anyone else seen this? I remember Hailey's caps, and these look like them to me...