Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Charlie's 'Seal' of Approval!

Sometimes you should throw in a rinse cycle or two when brainwashing people!

Made this one for Crow on the Haven, who likes bimbo / chav transformations, and when I saw this photo, I knew it had lots of potential for a silly and sexy caption. The face, lips, boobs ... everything screams out for a man-made bimbo. I am going to assume that the original picture set was from some sort of circus theme? Not sure what other setting it could be.

The hardest part of the whole caption was figuring out the best way to type out a seal's bark. I am hoping I was able to convey that animal sound to everyone before the boss made mention, but at least you'll follow along with him otherwise. I mean, cows go "Moo" and pigs go "Oink". I don't recall a seal being on my speak and spell when I was a young child!


Didn't really want to bring it up, but it is a pretty dire situation over at the Haven, financial wise. The bill for another month came due and there is nothing in the coffers to pay it. As per Rachel:
At this time the Haven's account is well below the monthly cost of keeping the community online. I had covered some bills previously, but unfortunately am unable to do so at this time due to bills from my hospital stay in November that are barely seeing their interest paid as is. 
The fastest possible way to send funds to resolve this situation currently is on Google Wallet. . If you don't already have a Google Wallet account setting one up is faster and easier than setting up a PayPal account, which we can no longer do for the Haven without the system automatically closing said account. 
Another way to send funds is to use the card processing mobile app called Square. In order for you to use this method you first have to be given access from our end, but once setup you would be able to charge your own credit or debit card without ever creating an account yourself and whatever you charge would go to the Rachel's Haven account the next business day. To be setup on Square please contact Rachel. 
Buying just about anything on means funds for the site as well. You can also send the site cash by buying a Gift Certificate and letting Rachel know the funds are meant for the Haven. No marketing mailing is done from Haven Bookworks, nor does the word Haven ever appear on your statement.
and in a response to someone asking for the monthly costs to keep the site up and running:
It costs approximately $115 a month to keep the Haven online.
So if you want more information, as I removed some of the payment methods listed above so I wouldn't be zapped for solicitation, including sending cash or money order, go to if you are a member. This website has been a constant in the TG Community for almost 10 years (started in Oct 2006) and we'd like to keep it going.


Can't wait until Sunday! The suspense is terrible... I hope it'll last.

If I had a choice of being with, or even just being, either early Madonna or early Belinda .. I am definitely taking Belinda on both counts. When I'm in heels, I dance just like her!

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